Monday, March 30, 2015

Stomach Pain

If you have never suffered through severe stomach pain very long, I probably can't communicate what I am talking about very well.  I hope you haven't because it is not fun to go through at all.  Maybe cancer victims are the only people who can really appreciate this, I don't know.

I got through another night but not without moderate to severe stomach pain.  This has kicked up in the past two weeks or so and I really need to find some relief.  An hour after eating causes pain through digestion and I can't find a happy medium to it yet.  It looks like we are headed in the right direction though so I just have to give it time to work.

I am feeling better today though, just trying to balance the new medicine regime with some still missing is like starting over again.  I think what they have planned though will answer a lot of pain questions I had and get me back to more of a normal.  The cancer is changing daily with the radiation so the medicine program must change with it also.

We have had a good day with three grand children and their parents.  I guess it's really four grand children with one "baby on board."    Mom has not had a good day though so that takes away some of the joy.  I am glad my brother and sister are available to help her though because LuAnn and I are barely able to take care of me with all of these changes.  Linda called and gave me an update on her way home this evening.  She sure needs our prayers.

Richard was able to start my day off right from church this morning so that helped get things rolling.  The air is still pretty cold though and it never got as warm as they predicted it would.  The sun never got out much to warm it up like they predicted at the various weather stations.

We did enjoy watching the much abashed Big Ten get two teams in the final four so that helped, too!  Tom Izzo struck again and his team really came up to show off their training this year.  I don't think Gonzaga has enough guns against the Blue Devils as I thought they would.

April is almost here and the weather finally feels like it.  It has been a very hard 3 months for LuAnn and I.  I hate to see her spend so much time away from her job as she is very good at it.  She has done so much for others through her work.  She has given so much to me as my wife and care giver I can't ever repay her but that's OK.  That's just the way it is.

I hope you had a good weekend.  It's that time of the year you know you are going to have to get the mower out soon.  You don't want to start because after you do, you won't stop until October.  I haven't figured out how we are going to keep this big yard mowed and manicured yet all summer but we will figure out a way.  I think a lot of my good will gestures to help will be called in to get us through.

Right now it is just to get better one day at a time.

Ed Winkle


  1. You should add leeks to your diet, they clear up the blood and are easy on the stomach. It's not just a vegetable, it's a known medicinal plant since Hippocrates, over 400 years BC. They are excellent plain boiled or steamed, or mixed as a stew with other veggies like squash, potatoes and carrots. A bit of chicken or beef broth or real soy sauce makes it even better. I had them for several weeks in my CSA basket, but didn't get any last Thursday. Leek and potato soup with a bit of crème fraîche (not exactly sour cream) is a classical here, and so are leeks served cold or slightly warm with a nice mustard vinaigrette dressing, although your stomach might not welcome the acidity of the vinegar these days. If your leeks are very big, you can also boil them and gratin the white stems in the oven with a Béchamel sauce and a bit of Swiss cheese, maybe even roll a slice of ham around the leek before covering it with the sauce.

  2. Ed , my friend we will miss you. Rest in peace. kevin in Ontario

  3. I will really miss Ed and his positive attitude. He was an example to us all!

  4. Ed will be missed by so many . God bless him. We, and especially his family, all now have a special advocate in heaven. Peggy in Florida

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    1. Hurts my heart for you. He's seeing his Saviour face to face.
      Love SJ

  6. Ed, you will be missed by many.

  7. From one Oliver man and an Agtalker to another, Ed you will be missed. Your pain is gone now.

    John Ingebritson

  8. I am deeply saddened this morning to learn this news. Ed will be missed by so many. Linda A

  9. Another AgTalker here. Ed sold me my first soybean innocculant many years ago, have used innocculant ever since. Thank you for the help! Praying for you all.

    Scott Coleman

  10. Rest in peace as a agoline member and agtalker I will never forget the kind words you and Luann gave when my wife was going through breast cancer.