Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mom Fell

Today my brother and his wife visited with the news we have kind of expected the past many years, mom fell.  It's the words no one wants to hear about their elderly parents and the TV ads prey on our emotions about these events.

Our mother has fought for her independence all her life.  For anyone wanting an example of what a person can do if they want it badly enough,it  is our mother.

Mom was raised in Vanceburg, Kentucky and ended up in Higginsport, Ohio when dad met her during WWII.  She worked at the shoe factory and dad farmed in Sardinia.  They were married in 1949 and I was born just before 1950.

Grandpa moved to the farm she owns in 1918 and dad officially took over when he and mom where married.  Mom always planned to own that farm and saw her dream come true in 1990, the same year dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The farm might not meet the rules for Ohio's 100 year ownership but I figure that in 2018 it deserves that recognition.  It really doesn't matter now, all we care for is that mom is comfortable and does not suffer.

I wish they had brought her to the hospital I am in but they stopped a few miles short.  I just hope she gets good care wherever she is.  Our family sure didn't need this right now but no family ever does.

If you could muster up a prayer for Lorena Winkle,  I sure would appreciate it and know she would too.



  1. Prayers are on the way, Ed. My mother turned 85 on the 22nd. I sometimes wonder when I'll get that same news.

  2. Sorry too hear about your Mother . These outstanding ladies were the glue that held families together . My Mom is also 86 and she still volunteers every week at a nursing home , makes a lunch 1 day a week for Gleaners volunteers and looks after our pretty dysfunctional family and like your Mother she had pretty humble beginnings and still will buy day old bread if its 1/2 price.Stay strong Ed-kevin in Ontario

  3. It is tough not to do what one wants. Prayers sent.