Sunday, March 8, 2015

Almost Time For Green

Wow, it's the warmest outside this morning I remember in a long long time.  I am really looking forward to sitting in the sun this weak and maybe getting out and about some.  If a person ever had a reason for cabin fever, we sure have the last two months but I haven't even heard the term come up.

Thank you Lord for getting me through another night and another day.  Thank you for my family and friends who encourage me and help me.  Thank you for the good in the world, I have come to appreciate it more and more and I thought I had a good handle on that.  I get an encouraging phone call or email at just the right time.  The Internet has been my life blood the past two months and helped me stay positive.  I can choose to use it for good and there is a lot of good people here.

LuAnn got to go to Mass at Wilmington and Father Mike sent home his blessings.  I am glad I am good enough she can get out a little bit, she has been a real trooper through all of this.  She has a very busy week so I need to occupy myself and support her when she gets home.  I hope I won't be too needy or a strain on anyone this week.

You wouldn't believe how much you miss something like church until you don't feel well enough to go.  I miss the chiropractor too, that was a weekly ritual that helped keep me out of pain.  I think we are close to getting back to some kind of normal but I don't want to get my hopes up too much.  I hope my CT scan shows good progress this week and my oncologist is so optimistic he can get me through the next hurdles.

It would be great if we could get the corn bin cleaned out and a load of soybean seed cleaned.  My helpers are keeping this little farm going.  One of them is caretaker of his mother now so his time to help me is limited.  We pray for him and his mother June today.

Becky has worked on my blog book big this week so I will have my writings in print to pass down.  That became more important to me in December when I got the diagnosis.  I don't know how she is doing it with four little ones to care for and all that her family is going through.  Liam had both grandpa's in the same hospital Friday and he said that was funny it happened that way.  I told him God works in mysterious ways.  He prays for us so I know our prayers are being heard.  I pray for all the good people praying for us right now.

Keith says spring has sprung in Iowa so maybe I will see the tulips pop up out of the ground soon.  I have less pain this morning so maybe things are turning around.  It will soon be the first day of spring and National Ag Day and Week, no matter what the clock says.  Man has played with the clock again last night so the golf associations got their wish.  I wish we would just settle on one time and leave the clock alone.

I wish you all a good Sunday and hope the weather is good your way, too.  I hope we all have a good week and not stranded for 16 to 24 hours like some were in the airports and Interstates this week.

Life is good if I can focus on that.  Our little green day dinner tradition isn't far away and we get to meet baby Winkle and baby Block next month.

Ed Winkle

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  1. I hope you are feeling well Ed. I know I always feel better the first few warm days we get. Sunshine is a powerful healer! Praying for you & family.