Thursday, March 26, 2015


The last x-ray showed the ileus is slowly going away.  They are very mysterious the way they come and slowly leave gut.

I've had a lot of pain this round.  A week quickly evaporated in this stay at the hospital.  This is eating up my life's time and quite troublesome and pain full but it's all I have right now.   We need to improve my plan.  We do keep refining it.

I am sorry I missed some days but this one caught me off guard a week ago.

I think I will go check around and see what I've missed and add to this later.

Thank you dear friends,



  1. Take care of yourself, Ed. Don't let the doctors talk you into anything unwise.

  2. Yes, yes, Gorges. It's difficult to decipher and bring together different groups of doctors but so important.