Monday, January 19, 2015


First of all I wish my wife LuAnn a very happy birthday and many more!

I enjoyed a lot of nice visits this weekend.  My 25 year friend Leon Bird came to see me and we had a good talk about our past and what the future may hold.  Steve and David Groff stopped by on the way home from NNTC in Cincinnati.  We chatted awhile about agriculture and we prayed for my condition.  Their Tillage radish was named as the favorite no-till radish at the conference for the third year in a row.

Our close friends the Deans from Williams County also stopped by after the conference.  Allen said there 1000 farmers in attendance and the conference was cramped and packed.  That conference is the best one I ever attended so I am not surprised at its success.

They also brought by a get well poster from NNTC signed with good wishes from many of our friends.  It brought some tears we've been keeping back this week.  Then they presented me with my lifetime achievement award, a bronze man on one knee in his corn field.  It says thanks for your outstanding contributions to no-till.  Words can't explain my humility and appreciation.  I always enjoyed learning and sharing and its worked out real well.

Laurent visited from France.  We had a good talk about how my region was formed, no-till in France vs Germany and here and the conference.  He is a Martin dealer and can sell to Frenchmen but Germans aren't interested.  The irony of no-till perceptions.  What works for Laurent is exactly what works best for me in Ohio.

Mark and Matt helped out as everything broke this week.  We lost power to the garage so Jim and Mark Keith worked in the cold trying to at least get power to our freezers full of food.  The vacuum broke, the microwave blew, the water main got repaired but the cable got hit in the process.  The truck died, you name it, it happened.  I was afraid LuAnn was going to lose it!

I wonder if we had another big surge like the one that blew the main to the grain dump barn a few years ago because there is no power between the house panel and the garage.  They will come back and try to find out where the break is.

We finally got our real estate tax bill and they didn't triple but they did double.  Our wonderful CAUV in Ohio finally failed us after 40 years of tax savings.  No one ever dreamed this economic scenario would ever happen to cause such a jump in one year.

Medicare and AETNA are writing checks faster than we are.  LuAnn has been able to stay ahead of the huge pile of paperwork.

Thank you for the visits, your love and concern is overwhelming.

Ed Winkle


  1. You had some good visits. I will never understand why problems happen in a big series. Hope this week is better for you.

  2. Thanks Linda, we are managing them one at a time but the big one to manage is me!

    Wish LuAnn a happy birthday today!