Thursday, January 15, 2015


A friend typed this out with one finger as to what he is doing to fight his cancer so I will try to decipher:

"Don't feed the cancer meat or dairy sugar..use stevia. For takes half as much..use sea vegetable. In a juicer. ?fruits. ?.soak in tub and water above legs. With one cup of dear salt. And cup of sea salt every couple of filtered water and lemon juice daily..what is your pH?   Problem below gotta raise.baking soda and water will do least one glass a day tablespoon..drink a boost drink..

If you start to lose wait and not eat let me know..I lost. 35 pounds before I turned it around..I did that with omega 3 and magnesium..take 2000 mg of b 17 daily..start at 50 mg a day and work up quickly..good vegetable are asparagus.cucumber.kale. ?  good immune booster is trans factor I take beta glucan pill for each 50 lbs of body weight..after I started gaining mt weight back the Dr. Gave me prednisone. And marinal. For appetite...take vita d and c. "

"Chris Woollams) A number of expert scientists believe that the Ketogenic diet, involving a high ´good fat´, low carbohydrate, lowish protein combination, may have the potential to manage even advanced cancer cases - preliminary research shows it can stop cancer progression, inhibit metastases and kill off cancer cells. 

Professor Thomas Seyfried of Boston is a biologist and after years of extensive research he believes cancer is a metabolic disease, not a genetic one. Dr Dominic D´Agostino Assistant Professor at South Florida University concurs and has been involved with treating patients with advanced cancer using a ketogenic diet. 

However, before we get carried away by the euphoria, there is cautionary evidence that this effect may depend on the cancer type (see ´Caveats´ below), and nothing has been firmly established as yet.

The Ketogenic Diet has received great interest since we first wrote about it in 2006.  These all come from the idea of starving cancer cells of sugar and keeping your body alkaline instead of acid.

I am going to run these concepts by my oncologist today and see what he has to say.  I've turned my life over to him.  He feels if he hadn't put me on this chemo I probably would not have lived past Valentine's Day and that is his quote.

I am running another 78 miles to get a new shot today 24 hours after the last dose of this round to try and keep my hemoglobin up as it when dangerously low the first round.  The other numbers on my blood print out are excellent or very good.  This should reduce my chance for infection which is a big problem, particularly day 8-14 which starts next Tuesday.

Everyone is very careful around me and I do appreciate the concern.  I expect to see some old faces show up here this weekend with the NNTC starting yesterday in downtown Cincinnati.  I wish I could make a visit but I am not up to it yet.

I had a really bad day yesterday but I got all my doses in and I feel better this morning.  There is a lot to learn for me as I fight this huge battle.  I don't have a good diet related picture today so I will include a picture more in the realm of prayer.  My prayer warriors continue to pray for me.


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  1. I watched a TED Talk about 3-4 years ago, where a scientist showed picture of a cancer growth whose size fluctuated with diet: No animal products and the cancer cells stopped reproducing, add animal products to the diet and they started spreading again, remove animal products again and the growth started to resorb. I am sure it does not work with all types of cancer, but there seems to be a clear link between cancer and diet in some cases, so it may be worth trying an all vegan diet for a couple of months. Fasting is much more difficult to undertake than going vegan, and you'll appreciate meat all the more at the end of the diet!