Sunday, January 25, 2015

Think Happy Thoughts

Becky and the kids prepared a neat chemo bag for me while I was in the hospital.  In it is a Mason jar full of happy thoughts I want to share with you.

Remember when I got stuck in the apple tree?  Liam(he could have fallen 30 ft real easily)

Rides on the Mule and squirting Sable with squirt guns

Our little secret of monkeys jumping on the bed...

Sneaking into your bed when you stay at our house

"When it rains it pours but you can cook your smores indoors" when our campfire got rained out
from Grandma Lu, also known as Farm Grandma

How much fun we had watching Alexander's Horrible, Terrible, Really Bad Day

We laughed so hard we didn't make it to the bathroom in time!

Hop in the car and go to Bob Evans down on the farm!  Little farmer breakfast!

Finn learning to pick corn and eating all the yummy vegetables!

Gee, Rocky, you crashed into a tree!  Our Rocky and BullWinkle cartoon imitations

Oh for the love of Winkle's, Finn's new saying

Winkle Winkle little star, how in the world did you crash your car?

These are the thing that keep Grandpa Winkle positive.  The bag of goodies has done him a lot of good since December 15!

If I was a rich man I would take all 12 grand children on a Disney cruise right now!  I said that in the Cafe this morning and a farmer answered, Ed if you have 12 grand children you are already a rich man!

Have a great day and keep thinking happy thoughts,

Ed Winkle


  1. And don't forget church, either!

  2. Ed you are a rich man. Our Grandchildren are our most important assets here.kevin in Ontario

  3. Nice answer, but I guess you become rich with the first kid. 12 grand-kids means you are a gazillionaire! That movie was fun indeed, Steve Carell is a great comedy actor.