Monday, April 14, 2014

Two Pass Corn Herbicide

"In 67% of the trials, the highest corn yields were obtained with a two-pass program that consisted of a pre-emergence herbicide followed by a post-emergence herbicide. A one-pass post-emergence program that also contained a residual herbicide provided the highest corn yields in 28% of the trials, whereas in 5% of the trials a one-pass pre-emergence herbicide program provided the highest corn yields."

Even though I got a fall herbicide on and my fields are cleaner than ever, even my problem fields, I can lose yield with a one pass program.  I thought in the past I could do it with one pass but now with the evolution of weeds against how we've not treated them, tells me I need at least two passes in growing corn.  A timely post spray of the right herbicide can give corn a post as the exudates of the dying weeds are sent to the roots of the corn.

My goal is to do a better job of controlling weeds in my crop.  My heavy fertilizer program has made my soil a great place to grow many different kinds of plants and I am focusing on one crop in a field at a time.

I have fairly weed free soil today to produce a weed free crop this year but my post spray on the wheat and the burn down and pre emerge is critical to my spring planted crop.

I get a lot of good questions about rotating herbicides when the farmer as had success with one program for years but most of the understand they need to change the chemistry and maybe the timing to keep their crop ahead of the ever changing weed population we all have.

Everything I do today affects what I am going to have tomorrow and years down the road.

What are you doing differently this year?

My big change started last year and I see good results so far from that change.

Ed Winkle


  1. I'm planning on a two pass prog for all my corn and bean acres.

    Corn i know my post spray will be atrex and impact but haven't locked down the pre program.

  2. I did not like Impact for crop safety. I did like Capreno and even Status but they all work and timing is important. I thought Impact dinged my beans the next year but I know we spray it late that year.