Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Power Went Out

LuAnn was taking Brynn to a girl scout meeting and I was here alone.  The power went off.  My guess is a critical part, probably a transformer, went south after the millions of kilowatt hours it has pumped out.  I just closed my eyes and thought about what was it like when this house was built 135 years ago?

They had no power, just human and animal power.  I wonder if they read books by candle light?   This is a very sturdy house and one older friend said the people who built this place were riverboat captains.  They had money back in the day.

LuAnn came home with Brynn before her mom came to take her home.  We lighted candles and just sat and talked in the dim light.  I couldn't get my mind off what it was like when dad was born and there was no electricity.  We take it for granted.

LuAnn said Oh No, the night of the big game!  NCAA finals are on now since the power came back on but I really enjoyed a couple of hours with no electricity.  We have went a few days without power in the last ten years here but it just makes me appreciate what we have.

So much has changed since this house was built.  The wind is roaring outside here on the big hill but the fields are ready to plant.  My friends can't believe we have had 25 inches of rain since October 1 but we have.  We live in a place where the Gulf Stream ends and we often get TOO much moisture.  Once in awhile the power goes out but we always survive.  We live in that age.

I bought LuAnn a small generator to keep essentials going but we haven't even used it.  What we have is that dependable.  I priced a generator to operate the house and it was $10,000.  That's a small price to pay to keep a farmstead going but we really haven't needed it.

I actually appreciated the power going out for a bit.  I probably wouldn't feel like that if it was off for days.  All of our food would spoil like it did in the inland hurricane in September 2008 or the ice storm we had in the winter of 2004 and we had first moved here.

What do you do when your power goes out?

Ed Winkle


  1. And here I thought you and Lu were the power of your farm! ;)
    The good thing with a farm is that you can also produce the fuel for your generator, like biomethane from manure or brush compost. No competition with land used for food too if you clean up your wood lot for such biomass, for instance to prevent fires, and you can use it for cooking and eating as well. Heck! Build your own generator too, it's just magnets and some copper wire coils on a drum, many DIY guides on the web, it does not require nearly the same kind of upfront investment as solar and energy storage.

  2. Some folks think the world has ended when the power goes off. We depend on it TOO much, I think.