Sunday, April 6, 2014

Is Prayer Answered?

I was taught to pray as a child in Sunday School.  Mrs. Dorothy Yockey was my teacher and I learned to love prayer at a young age.  I can still hear her teaching my class the Beatitudes.

Is prayer answered? (I really like this writing on this subject.)  You bet it is!  I encourage prayer to my readers but that is your choice and it is a personal choice.  Why would I ask you to pray?

It isn't rocket science that something, someone created this amazing Universe we live in.  I remember laying in bed as a teenager and letting my mind travel through the distance of It.  It is so vast and amazing and unknown and scary, I don't recommend you do that.

Through my exploration, though, I found the God of My Understanding.  He knew me before I was created and wants the best for me.  That, I do understand.

May 1 is National Day of Prayer and I encourage every citizen to just give God thanks, even if you don't like what is happening to you.  We all have a lot to be thankful for and you don't have to be too smart or travel very far to realize that.  About the time I start feeling sorry for myself or my condition, I see someone I wouldn't trade shoes with.  I pray for thanks immediately and God's Will for that person, not what's happening to them now.

I told a farmer friend just today, "Robert, we’ve always noticed answered prayer and really noticed it this winter with LuAnn’s brother Tom who was diagnosed with brain cancer and nearly died Dec 23.  His treatment and recovery and all of the people God put together to make that happen is the most visual answered prayer LuAnn and I have seen in a long time, if not ever."

We don’t always like the answer to our prayer but we rejoice when it’s even better than we hoped for!


Ed and LuAnn


  1. A Heart Felt Congratulations.

    and what a Great Picture.

  2. Thanks John, God is awesome if I just cooperate!