Tuesday, April 29, 2014

19% Of The Corn Planted

USDA reports corn planting made a solid advance over the past week, but the pace remains slower than average due to rain and cool soil temperatures in some key growing areas.
As of Sunday, April 27, 19% of corn is planted, compared to 6% on April 20, 2014, 5% on April 27, 2013 and the five year average of 28%, while 3% has emerged, compared to 2% a year ago and 6% on average.
Soybean planting is just underway at 3%, compared to 4% on average.
33% of winter wheat is rated good to excellent, down 1% on the week, with the poor to very poor category at 34%, up 1%. The fair category was unchanged at 33%. 18% of winter wheat has headed, compared 13% last year and 26% on average.  I can sell July wheat for nearly $7 so it's a good thing for me, not for those in the drought areas.
18% of spring wheat is planted, compared to 11% a year ago and 30% on average, with 5% emerged, compared to 3% last year and 9% on average.
Next week’s national crop report is expected to have the first condition ratings of the year for pastures and rangeland..  Pastures look good here, especially if they were limed or fertilized before this weeks rain.
I am 100% done but my guess is maybe 5% is planted locally.  I farm less acres and was able to get everything planted the few good hours we had last week.  I was ready for a break in the weather and took it.  If it rains all week as predicted, I may have to replant or spot in but so far so good.  My gypsum applications has kept the surface soil dry enough to plant, not pack and should allow the seeds to germinate.
Our sweet corn planted 8 days ago is just cracking through.  We hope to have a sweet corn picnic in July!
The picture gives you an idea what many fields looked like around here before the rain.
Ed Winkle

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