Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rent A Coop

RentACoop's offers an exciting, fun and educational 4 week chicken experience! Whether you're looking for a unique pet with a ton of personality, want to educate your children about where food comes from or are just excited to have the freshest organic eggs available to you every morning, Rent-A-Coop is the way to go! 
What is Included in our RentACoop Program? 
- A strong, durable chicken coop that was designed, built and painted by us and is 100% predator proof. 
- 2 hens that are of laying age (at least 5 months old)- with each one laying about an egg a day 
- Enough organic chicken feed and bedding (pine shavings) to last your entire rental period
- Recycled Feed and Water Bowls
- 24 Chicken Hotline where you can call or e-mail us with any questions or concerns that you may have
- Informational Chicken Care Pamphlet   

 I saw this on CBS Sunday Morning and thought it was pretty cute.  I think our daughter Becky needed this, but too late, she is already a chicken farmer!  I opened Facebook to find these grand children are already in business! 

I think it would work around here if someone wanted to start such a business near Cincinnati or Columbus, probably Cleveland, too!  I think my sister Linda and I would pass on this opportunity!  We have too much experience, thank you Mom! 

Ed Winkle



  1. That's cool, I had a similar buy-a-coop business in mind, but renting or leasing would probably appeal more to people. And accountants!

    I was even thinking about urban coops, when city code allows, but because of neighbors, you probably need the dwarf Bantam kind, which are more silent than your regular size hen. They are pretty productive too, even if the eggs are much smaller. I'll have to try it out.

    And if the neighbors are so ear-sensitive that even Bantams won't do, you can always try rent-a-hutch or rent-a-worm-bin!

  2. I wondered how they got the chickens in the video so tame??? The chickens we raised we wild and I mean wild! They would try to commit suicide by flying into the locust trees until we learned about de-beaked and de-winged birds in the 50's!

    Local codes would be a problem here, you can't even raise a 4-H or FFA pig inside the village limits of Blanchester just west of us! And we are a "farming community???" Only when it fits their needs, like money!


  3. I typed too fast and the word "were" became "we." I wish blogger would let a person edit their comment like Facebook.