Saturday, April 5, 2014

Living In The Country

Living in the Country

I'm honored to write a story here, on Mr. Winkle's blog! Being neighbors with him and Mrs. Winkle have been wonderful these past 6 years. We truly couldn't ask for better neighbors!

   Moving here to Martinsville, has been probably some of the best years of my life! When you live in the country, on a farm, there's never a dull moment. Never a time when you're standing around looking for something to do... There's always something that needs to be done, animals to be taken care of, gardens to tend, well you all know... And that's what I love about it! (the picture shows Savannah's mom and most of her family at a barn quilt tour we held here 4 years ago)

    After moving here in 2007, some of us were homesick for quite awhile. Some of us, referring to the six brothers and two sisters I have. Yes, it's a lot - But I love every one of them! They all know what will rub you the wrong way sometimes, but you've just got to brush it off and forget about it. Leaving all our friends behind, and moving to a completely new place. A new atmosphere. Yes, it was a change...But isn't any move, for anyone? You learn to adapt. Anywhere you move you end up meeting new people, doing new things, and just changing things up. Isn't that what life’s all about? It'd be boring living in the same place, doing the same things, living the same day-to-day life, for your whole time you have here on earth. So why not spend it mixing things up, here and there?

    Before moving here, we lived in more of a rural town. After moving out here to God's open country, I'd never go back...At least I hope not. The sunrises, sunsets, and beautiful skies at night are amazing - I've never seen them so beautiful before! "Red skies at night, are a sailors delight. Red skies in the morning are a sailors mourning." So many nights we have amazing red skies, shining through the open corn fields, leaving the sun shining bright the next morning.

    But, why did we move here? Well, we originally had alpacas, and the 4 acres we had, 2 of which were woods, just wasn't making the cut. We needed more room. More space to expand. We found this place and here we are! The alpacas have since moved on, while Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats moved in. I honestly love these guys. They have the sweetest personality. Nothing like the skid dish alpacas. The feeling of bringing back fresh milk from the barn, is a great feeling. Knowing you are providing for your family, is an amazing thing. With a few other animals - chickens, cats and a dog, we are continuing to build up this farm, little by little. Angora goats are in the plans for the near future!

It's the people here too! They're always willing to lend a hand, always there when you need them, and they sure are some of the nicest people!

      Watching the farmers harvest their crops after a long year of preparation, is something I'm grateful I get to see! I love watching them do something that makes the world go around. Something that is of great need in this world. Something that so many people take for granted - I wish more people understood the time and work it takes to put the food on their plate. And appreciate the farmers a little more for all the work they put into taking care of God's land.

   Moving here has taught so much...Learning how to provide more for my family, how working hard really pays off - And I love that!...It makes you really appreciate the simpler/smaller things in life and not always worry about trying to look/be better than someone else, but to live this life - Working hard, being grateful for what you have, who you are, are making the best out of every day!



  1. Thank you, Mr. Winkle for posting this!

  2. My, that's a big family, you should have picked a giant breed of goats! ;)
    If I may ask, why all the exotic animals, rather than regular, maybe less fragile, dairy goat?
    And unless you are not eating meat, why not more traditional poultry, like turkeys, ducks, maybe Guineas and geese? One hog a year, or rabbits, which do not require much space or care and provide a delicious lean meat.

    1. Chimel,
      To be honest, we always like to do things a little differently, so I guess that explains your question for the exotic animals. We love our Nigerian dwarfs - Being a smaller breed makes them much easier to handle. And you never know, a hog may be in the near future. That subject has been tossed around a few times. I'm sure we'll continue to add new things as the years pass by.