Friday, November 8, 2013

Who Is This Guy?

"ja, corn all stored.
none hedge
market is mirroring a larger than expected crop-I would not sell into it presently..we are sideways, rest of this waits on report-
Just now the ethanol plants in US start to reopen. Things take time-market is like turn handle and water runs thru the piping-ideal market situation..other times you turn handle and whole thing overflows, ja...or maybe seal leaks or rust develops, ja.
Right now-not pretty picture...input costs and farmer "needs" to sell are being has "their" turn to eat from the trough so endusers are filling up. I wait for report and for next year to market corn...
Brazil plumbing on corn acreage slows
US currency most likely will continue weakening
Ethanol restarts
exports-who sells who buys, ja
weather issues globally
US acres
ending stocks
you get the idea...
Not enough time to type, think of market more like plumbing with pipes leading into and out of structures and the linking of structure to another sometime only take one disruption to spur the market-it is too early for me as waiting for more information to be released...also, stock market watching.
I don't know if what I write helps anyone, but still my opinion at large-
we have different marketing techniques-good to share thoughts. Success to you, ja.
Good day

I haven't followed him much but have read enough of his posts to wonder what his mission in life is.

He is not far off from my thinking in this post or ever far off normally, if I know what he is talking about.

You meet the strangest people on the Internet, right Chimel?



  1. I always find his comments enlightening but have no idea who he is or what he does. The readers have seemed to get used the "ja" part of every post. Maybe someone should post this on Market Talk and see what happens.