Sunday, November 17, 2013

Update On Fracking In Ohio

I was in Northeast Ohio recently and was interested what impact oil fracking was having on the region.  I found this piece on Twitter interesting:

"U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson said Markwest has built pipelines and infrastructure, and developed jobs in Noble County not seen in Ohio in years.
“It’s unmatched in history,” said Johnson.
He expects the build-up to continue in the Utica shale region.
Johnson said the shale boom has resulted in 38,380 jobs in Ohio related to unconventional gas drilling and the number is expected to be 145,000 in 2029 and even more by 2035.
He pledged to continue the fight to keep the economic growth continuing, and to keep Washington at bay so Ohio can keep drilling.


Greg Sullivan, of Markwest Energy Partners, discussed some of the development in Ohio. He said the company is constructing a second Cadiz facility that will include the Seneca project line.
Other key midstream processors also gave updates:


Dominion Gas officials said the core of the northeastern Pennsylvania dry gas still offers attractive returns. Timothy C. McNutt, director of planning and asset utilization, Dominion East Ohio, reported that early Utica shale dry gas results in Ohio are similar to the results found in northeastern Pennsylvania.
Dominion also reported the Utica shale region has changed from an area where gas was coming, to an area where business leaders are trying to find ways to dispose of it.


Justin Stegall, state government affairs for Enbridge Energy, another midstream processor, told the group that 50 percent of the company’s labor force is local and 50 percent is from out of the area.
He also said it’s a challenge to keep up with regulations that they have to meet, especially from different jurisdictions, whether it be local, state or federal.

We saw a piece on Our Ohio that showed the huge change in the county where I used to take kids for FFA Camp, Carrollton, Ohio.  You can watch the show on YouTube but I don't see the one on fracking changing the economy of eastern Ohio.  I added the word fracking to the search and you get a huge list of anti-fracking pieces.

Like it or lump it, fracking for oil and gas is changing Ohio and other states.  Like corn based ethanol, people saw an opportunity for profit and things will never be the same again.

They never are, are they?

Ed Winkle


  1. “Rackin’ Frackin’ Varmint Rabbit” sorry my mind always goes to Saturday morning cartoons with Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam when I hear the word Frackin'

  2. I forgot that Brad. I liked those Elmer Fudd hunting hats until I looked in the mirror!

    1. Wait a minute, wasn't frickin frackin Yosemite Sam?

  3. What I'd like to know is how people's springs and water wells are doing. Many years ago, there was a gas well drilled on the farm where I was raised. It didn't affect the spring closest to it, but it muddied the second spring over.

    1. I have not heard or read of any recent findings that would indicate an answer in our region Gorges: