Monday, November 18, 2013

How My Plate Should Look

”buildHealth tips and medical advice from One Medical Group
"Remember the food pyramid? A couple of months ago, the USDA announced it’s official demise and replaced it with a more intuitive model — the healthy plate. The nutritionists at One Medical Group have been using the model of a healthy plate for years, so we thought we’d share our version.

In addition to ample amounts of vegetables, the foundation for a healthy meal consists of lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, or PFC. If you build your plate like this one, you’ll feel full and satiated after every meal. Try it and let us know how you feel! And if you like it, share it on your web site or blog."

It's been easier to eat like this since the two week diet we talked about recently.  I am amazed at the number of family members and readers who went on some kind of fast or change in diet just because we talked about it here!

So far I've been able to keep the weight off and I feel better.  I don't feel hungry and I get full easier even though I am watching more what I eat.  I needed to eat less and work a little more and I am doing that.  It's been a much healthier way for me to go from fall into winter.

We tend to eat less now during the week and enjoy some favorite foods together on the weekend.  LuAnn had been doing that pretty well but I was eating too much during the week and staying too heavy.  I was consuming too much bread and starches and have really cut down on them since the 14 day medical diet.

I know someone isn't going to do this on their own unless their spouse or doctor or some medical condition makes them do it.  You have to get sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

It does cost more to eat healthy.  All of the "bargains" are on processed foods.  We eat hardly any of them anymore but fresh fruit during the winter flown in from all over the world costs money!  If I was a rich man, I would just fly to where that food is and stay all winter!  Then I would have the best of both worlds, fresh veggies here in the summer and fresh fruit and veggies in New Zealand all winter!

I know, we could just go to Florida and do the same thing, but...

Does your plate look different today?

Ed Winkle


  1. Haha, I know someone who started a diet when you did...
    That Healthy Plate looks easier to portion than a Pyramid.
    Maybe I should just order new king size plateware to cheat?

    "It does cost more to eat healthy. All of the "bargains" are on processed foods. We eat hardly any of them anymore but fresh fruit during the winter flown in from all over the world costs money!"

    Fruits are a luxury indeed, I haven't eaten a Danjou pear for months.
    But meat is not imported and is cheap. Today's prices per pound at Safeway start at $0.80 for a whole chicken, $1.30 for a whole turkey or for chicken leg quarters, drumsticks or thighs, $1.40-1.50 for pork, chicken or turkey franks, $1.70 for a whole ham, $2.00 for a whole pork shoulder blade, $3.00 for many beef cuts: Petite sirloin steak, shank cross cut, chuck shoulder, top blade or 7 bone roast, 85/15 frozen patties or ground beef.

    Grain or pulse is cheap too, about $1.00 for brown or jasmine rice, $1.30 for beans, $1.50 for split peas, $1.60 for pearl barley or $1.70 for lentils. Onions, carrots, cabbages or several frozen vegetables are also quite affordable.

    The cheap prices mean you can indulge in some more expensive choice or quality, such as organics.

  2. "Our body's a temple" that's how were taught, I've treated this one like an old honky tonk.

  3. You will probably pay for that later, Brad. That will catch up to you!

    LuAnn really likes the organic milk, it does taste better. It lasts longer in the fridge, too, so I've been able to catch it half price several times.

    Fruit is just plain expensive, especially in the winter time and we are paying for a lot of transportation costs. But, it is a mainstay in our diet. We have a plentiful supply of apples here this year due to the better growing conditions.

    My aches and pains are genetic interacting with a busy life that included a lot of hard work. Even my hobby of tractor pulling, I moved 2,000 lbs of weights at every pull for several years.

    Less bread and potatoes has helped but I've still got arthritis, pretty bad in my hands right now.

    More on that in the next blog.


  4. Yeah to LuAnn, milk, eggs and whole grains are the only products I buy organic systematically. Sorry about the arthritis, looks gloomy.