Friday, November 22, 2013

CCSI's 12 Farmers

I heard this term last night at Jim and Jamie Scotts farm west of Columbia City, Indiana and had to ask what the acronym CCSI stood for.

Since I knew so many of these farmers or have been on their farms, I was very interested.

"CCSI was launched in 2009 with funding from the USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Indiana State Soil Conservation Board. Two project coordinators, Hans Kok and Dan Towery, were hired and an Oversight Committee was established. The Indiana Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts (IASWCD) administers the Initiative. In mid-2012, IASWCD received grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant program that will fund it for the next three years. Find more information on the program funded by this grant, called “Conservation Cropping Systems for Soil Health and Productivity.”
Accomplishments to Date
  • Over 250 field days/workshops/events reaching over 15,000 people
  • Over 250 producers have been assisted with one-on-one support
  • 16 mentors evaluated and trained; worked with 30 producers in first year
  • 5 workshops for agency staff reaching over 190 employees
  • 8 private providers attending high level trainings; 52 industry staff from one event
  • Promoting top farmers via website, videos, etc.
  • Assisting with Indiana On-Farm Network program
  • In 2012, Indiana led the nation on acres of cover crops planted. The Natural Resources Conservation Service estimates that close to 1 million acres of Indiana’s 12 million acres of cropland had one or more cover crops on them."
I participated in a CTIC Cover Crop conference this week and got to meet this farmers again and some new ones.

I am impressed with the total acres and quality of cover crops I saw on many of these farms.  These folks are doing a great job of building soil quality through cover crops.

Soil quality comes from three things in my mind, soil physics, soil biology and soil chemistry.

Physics Tile

Biology cover crops and so many things

Chemistry, soil test,tissue test,lime,gypsum,soft rock phosphate so many things

What do you think?

Ed Winkle

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