Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Agriculture's Minority In Congress

"There are 400 urban districts in the House and 35 rural districts.

That means that agricultural congressional power is not needed to pass a bill anymore. The only thing helping agriculture is that the representatives are senior members. If agriculture throws these legislatures out the door, then seniority is gone.

This means that agriculture needs the urban legislatures more than city people need agriculture. Yea Yea people need food. Yes there are stores just full of food. I wonder how many city people know that food comes from a farm. Probably very few.

I saw this article because I had been wondering how many farm districts were in the House.

I do disagree that this will be the last farm bill. USDA will stay around because of food stamps and farm programs but farmers will no longer have power over the USDA. Farmers on this site seem to think that USDA is not needed any more. Over the last few months I was thinking that USDA would disappear. My brother and I took a drive to see our uncle a few months back. We got to auguring about the end of USDA. I said that USDA would disappear and he said that the government had to keep USDA around to control farmers. I disagreed with him until I heard about the revision to the water rule by EPA. I got to thinking who would enforce these rules on ditches, etc for EPA. What department have lots of people in every county in the US? Then there are the particulates rules and many more rules that we do not even think about.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years."

Will the need for food, fuel and fiber be enough to keep agriculture as a focus of U.S. policy?

Ed Winkle

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