Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tourists Shut Out

Headlines are reading "tourists shut out as government shuts down."  I didn't think one man, whom I do NOT consider a man, like Harry Reid could shut the government down.  But he did, he has done it.  He is  so controversial with his liberal views and so controlling of the US Senate, he refuses to negotiate.  It's his way or the highway.  How could one creep wield so much power?

The other side is no better and much worse if you are a liberal.  When a country owes $17 trillion for not being able to control it's spending, it ought to be shut down!  Period!

I would be upset if I was on the other side of the country trying to get into Yosemite or some other National Park.  We saw it coming though, this collision of weak minds has been coming for a long time.

It is going to disrupt a lot of services but we survived when Newt and Clinton couldn't come to an agreement.  We will survive this time too.  If you take a job with government or any job, there is always a lack of security of staying employed or even getting paid.  I remember when a load of us teachers drove to Wilmington to file for unemployment because our school ran out of money to pay us.

It's sad to see the country I love in such a mess but it's been snowballing for a long time.  Man refuses to take the harder road to more security.  We have been so blessed we have sat on our laurels too long as a nation.

If a farmer did that very long, someone else would be farming his ground.  Bill O'Reilly has a Mad As Hell feature every Thursday.  LuAnn could write a good one today and send it to madashell@foxnews.com but we probably won't do that.  Say a little prayer for my wife today as she is struggling to keep her non-profit going right now.  Turning Point has done so much for so many people in need!

I wish we were taking this picture today but I don't think we would be able to drive the Going To The Sun Road.

Divided we fall and today we fall.  I have tried to stay out of politics and religion and focus on my passion of agriculture but days like today threaten all the things we love.

Ed Winkle


  1. I have learned to just turn off the news
    Watch local weather and go on to work ..
    Makes life a lot more pleasurable
    Especially Fox News

  2. Now Michael, you are a great young American, are you just going to sit by and let Joshua endure all these troubles? Don't you think you can do SOMETHING?

    I think about that and have to let it go. I do have Congress on my cellphone and when I get down time I call them. I talk to them. I cajole them. I nurture them. Do I have any results?

    No, and I may not but at least I let my elected officials know how I feel. The divide between the city and where you and I live is too great.

    It could divide us even more.

    I don't know what to do but I do know what I can do and that is vote, participate and cry foul when it happens.

    Shutting down our government is crime but borrowing $17 trillion we can't pay is a worse crime.

    Ed Winkle

  3. The question is, will the glaciers still be there after the shutdown? Funny how today's Google Doodle is honoring Yosemite National Park for its 123rd anniversary...

    I don't follow much the issue, but wasn't the ACA voted like 3 years ago? Why would Republicans not only go back on their word and vote, but shut down the government in the process? This looks like the epitome of American politics, there is no discussions anymore, no negotiations and middle point agreement, only fight on opposed positions. It's not the government that needs to shut down, it's the American form of government, and I don't care if it's written in the Constitution or not, this is just not viable. And budgets should be voted for like a year or 6 months in advance, not a minute before the new fiscal year begins.

  4. We can't change that, Chimel. All we can do is WHAT we can do. I choose to try and be positive when things are negative.

    I choose to call my elected officials at 202-224-3121.

    Ed Winkle

  5. Chimel, perhaps before you say the REPUBLICANS shut down the government, maybe you should ask why the president who will negotate with terrorists WON'T negotiate with republicans. While you're at it, ask why he wants to take guns away from Americans, and then turns around and gives them to known terrorists. Also, why no budget in FIVE YEARS? That's bound to be a new record, and certainly a sign of pig-headedness, probably on both sides, but certainly on HIS, since his party controlled both houses some of those years.

  6. See, this is why I try to stay out of politics and religion. I just couldn't help myself!

  7. This mess can't be laid at the feet of one man. The issue has nothing to do with healthcare and all to do with the lack of comprimise on all sides. The Tea folks are radical, and radicalism never workes. All throughout our history we almost always end up in the middle. Why? Comprimise. Reed can't and shouldn't comprimise with radicals. To place your ploitical aspirations and philosophy above the American people rather than do what is best is inharently un American. Ted Cruz. Need I say more?

  8. Oh my goodness,We just repeat the talking points, lack of compromise my arse, Radicalism is what makes change happen. It is one step forward and two steps back. Watch it happen. The only reason you think the Republicans are obstructing government is because those are the talking points for you folks you used to have Question Authority bumper stickers on your Volvos.
    The people in charge shut down the National Parks just to make us little people feel the pain. It is a cynical public manipulation. For all the stories of pain and suffering that will occur when the beloved federal government is shut down, the stock market went up and how are we suffering? They shut down the Panda Cam at the national zoo and barricaded veterans out of a large concrete memorial? What a bunch of cynical SOB's.
    Is it really true that the IRS is involved in the so-called "Affordable Care Act?"
    I find it pretty funny that all the ant-establishment folks I know are now in favor of having every conversation recorded by the NSA and having the IRS collect the healthcare premiums. Pretty funny.
    However, I think the whole government should be shut down until they figure out how to just throwing money away. It has to stop and seeing all these people complaining about museums being shut down and government employees having to wait two weeks for a double paycheck just reminds me of why so many people really don't like the government.
    And in response to Chimel, there were a few Republicans who got voted out of office because of their support for AFA. Please explain to me what is wrong with feeling strongly enough about the argument that you are willing to shut down what, the Panda Cam? It is nice to see the opposition party actually sticking together on something. I kind of think it is not so much the issue that is as important as to see a hope of a real organized opposition which could perhaps just possibly shut down this determination to print and spend money with no end in sight.

    1. Damn good reply David and I have never cursed on here before, I think! Great posts people, David I have to think on that awhile.

      Ed Winkle