Monday, October 7, 2013

Reverse Osmosis Water is "Hungry Water"

A friend noted my comment about the filter in our new fridge.  He said "reverse osmosis water is hungry water," so I looked it up.

"Water is not only the most essential substance next to oxygen for human life.  It is also complex, often containing hundreds of dissolved minerals and chemicals.  Most water is also “structured” or clustered in  complex ways.  It is indeed a marvelous substance whose extreme value is often unrecognized.
            This is the most important part of this article.  Otherwise, the recommendations below will not make sense.
1. The type and amount of water one drinks is an essential aspect of health and healing.  Every week, I encounter a person who is not progressing on a healing program due to drinking an improper type or not enough drinking water.  If this continues for several years, it can ruin one’s health.
2. Using any amount of caffeine, sugars (including fruit and juices), or alcohol tends to dehydrate the body by causing water loss.
3. The material in this article is based wholly on clinical experience.  Theories abound regarding which water to drink and how much.  What is important is what works in the body to promote health.
4. Water is more than a beverage.  It is a particular type of energy that we need in a certain amount on a daily basis.  If we do not obtain it, health is negatively impacted.
5. Pure water processed only by nature is a type of “whole food”.  It not only flushes toxins from the body and supplies many needed minerals, but impacts the body in many other subtle ways. Like other whole foods, when it is tampered with, water loses most of its precious healing properties.  Water is tampered with any time one adds anything to it, filters it using anything except pure carbon, spins it, alkalinizes it, and perhaps does other things to it.  All of these manipulations tend to ruin it, in my experience.
Oddly, packaging it in plastic jugs, even the cloudy type of plastic water containers found in the supermarket, does not ruin its properties, although it will add a little contamination to it.
Also, I find that running water through copper or steel pipes also does not ruin it, as many health authorities contend.
6. Most people do not drink enough pure water.  Adults need about 3 quarts or 3 liters daily, and perhaps a little more if you weigh over 250 pounds or 110  kilograms, do physical labor or vigorous exercise daily, and perhaps more if one lives in a very dry or hot climate.
1. As stated above, every adult needs to drink about 3 quarts or 3 liters (about 96 ounces) of water daily, with no exceptions.  It you weigh over about 250 pounds, have a very physical job or do a lot of physical exercise daily, or perhaps live in a very hot and dry climate, you may need a little more.
Drinking more than this, by the way, is not as good.  If someone claims to need a gallon of water or more daily, for example, I immediately start checking to see if their water is hydrating the body properly, or if some other condition might be causing this degree of thirst.
Other beverages such as coffee, tea, juices, or others do not tend to hydrate the body nearly as well, and are discussed below.  Please do not count other beverages as water intake, except perhaps for a cup or two of mild herbal, non-caffeinated tea such as chamomile tea. 
Also, do not drink with meals.  Drink only enough with meals to take your nutritional supplements, and no more.  One small cup of water is usually okay.  More than this will dilute the stomach acid and harm digestion quite a lot, in some cases.
An excellent idea is to drink about a quart of water upon arising and at least half an hour before breakfast.  This will usually provoke a bowel movement and gets the day off to a good start.  When you wake up, just sit and drink a quart of water!"
Reverse osmosis, structured water may work well in our spray tank, but our body needs minerals.  That expensive filter in our fridge took them out for the last six months!
Don't believe everything you read but I found this article thought provoking.
What do you think?  Would a little more water improve your health?
Ed Winkle


  1. Well, this is very controversial. First, there is no more "natural" water in the world, all waters, including groundwater, has long been contaminated by chemical pollutants, from farming or industrial processes. So what's the use of talking about "water processed only by nature" when there is no such thing?

    Second, it's not true that people need to drink 3 liters of water a day "with no exceptions" and that other liquids such as tea do not count. Even the water contained in food counts. Vegetables are mostly water, each drop in them is extracted and used by the body, so the type of diet is important. If you eat only burgers, you're going to need a lot of water.

    I never heard health authorities say that steel pipes ruin water. I guess we'd have to repipe the whole Earth if that was the case.

    I was looking up desalination for irrigation, there are things to be aware of: For instance, reverse osmosis takes out not just salt, but other minerals as well, which is to be expected. So these minerals (from other mined sources) need to be added back to the water before it can be used for irrigation, to simulate rain and ground water composition, so you don't wash out the minerals from the soil when irrigating. Probably not a concern with water management techniques such as drip irrigation if you already provide all minerals and micro-nutrients otherwise. Also, some minerals like boron (as I remember) are not filtered out, resulting overtime in a high and unhealthy concentration in the soil, and it needs to be taken out. So desalination is a great water source for the growing needs of irrigation, especially if you have some extra power like daylight solar or overnight wind, but it is not one as obvious as it seems.

  2. I've done well on our Highland County Water from the aquifer in Bainbridge, Ohio. You can tell it has minerals. I am not so sure about reverse osmosis water though, I do like Dasani.

    I agree on the world water situation, mankind has probably screwed it up more than the air or the climate.


  3. I found Hillsboro's but not Highland County Water yet. Why would they test for Alachlor no one uses anymore any come up with 2 ppb???
    What is the glyphosate content???

  4. We have municipal water from lake Erie and farm wells drilled down 100' in clay and then another 6' or so in bedrock , We do buy bottled water also but for taste I like the drilled well , I know the municipal water is treated and safe but how do they or can they remove trace chemicals, metals,ect. Bacteria level may be low but not sure what else is in it . Tests around Toronto show it will take nature 5,000 yrs. with no contamination forward before nature can flush and clean the aquifer-water supply enough to be potable . With what has happened in NA in the last 100 yrs. if we don't change our ways we are doomed. In Eygpt I saw water canals and irrigation ditches that looked like sewer drains. Some places the washroom facilities consisted of a whole in the floor which I expect drained into the nile river . Watching them make cement at Karnack and when they finished they tossed all cement bags ,ect. in the river.....hard too believe that Oil is actually worth more than clean water-have a safe fall -kevin in Ontario

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