Sunday, October 20, 2013


My good readers, you are going to have to help me out.  I don't see any hope of leaving this country a better place than I found it when I was born.  Congress has kicked the can down the road for 55 years now.  There is no way to pay off this debt, let alone pay the interest on it.  We are struggling to do that as a nation.

If it weren't for six great kids and spouses and 12 grand kids, I would seriously consider selling out and retiring in New Zealand.  The people are happy there and are not encumbered in debt and despair like we are here in the United States.  I know LuAnn feels the same way because we do talk about this.

We have the freedom to be stupid and irresponsible and boy are we ever doing it.  I don't like it and I don't agree with it.  It's getting harder day by day to keep your chin up and do what's right.  You just know that this whole thing is going to crumble and chaos will ensue.

Somehow I need to find a way to remain resilient.  I saw a piece about that on CBS Sunday Morning, one of my favorite programs for the last 30 years.  Remember when Charles Kurault traveled the beautiful United States in the big camper bus?  They showed a woman who lost part of her arm and shoulder in a shark attack and how she kept going on with her life.  She even said she wouldn't change that event if she could because it made her a better person!

Scientists studied people who came home from war without symptoms of post traumatic distress disorder and how their brains were a little different than those who have it.  I guess we are all really wired differently, and I am not wired for watching my country do the wrong thing.

We are very blessed to have what we have in this family.  Right now I can't think of a grand child who would or even should take over the farm operation we've built.  We raised our children to be independent thinkers and they are doing the same thing with theirs.  That is good.

It will all work out one way or the other and I am not worried about it.  I just don't like it.

How about you?

Ed Winkle


  1. Passing the farm on, None of the Grand Children appeared interested or trained to take over a working farm. SO I sold the option to buy to a neighbor, They have another 3.5 years before they can exercise their option.
    I may hang around as a Farmer Emeritus. at least for up to 10 years of till I turn 95, Which ever comes first.

  2. The Lord will take care of His own. Just get them all saved and things will work out for them one way or another.

  3. New Zealand would be awesome. The world record for wheat yield is held by new Zealand farmer Mike Solari. To experience a few of there growing seasons would be enlightening. How can wheat average 232 bu/ac over 20 acres. Id love to watch it happen.

    David Seck

  4. That is awesome Ed.
    There is alot of future potential
    Right there on that couch.

    I am sure we all are concerned
    About future future Generations.
    And about the future of Ag. Around the world.
    But my father always told me.
    It appears Son.
    That each and every generation
    Has to have its own revival.

    But most People spend their lifetime
    Striving to overcome unresolved
    Childhood conflicts.

    And many waist a lifetime trying
    To re event the wheel
    To feed their Ego.

    Those sayings from the Past
    The older I are. The more I do
    not understand.

  5. Thanks for letting me vent. Every person I meet is willing to listen and most have grave concerns like I do. If we left this country without our children it would feel like running away from the problem. We have told them how we feel and they gave us their blessing to do what we feel is right.

    Yesterday was a wonderful day with fellowship, practicing our faith, good food and walking across our land. We are very blessed.

    I think we will keep plugging along and keep trying to do our best. I did snip a wheat plant every few steps to get an idea how the new wheat is taking up the fertility. I handled enough wood though this weekend I need a big Meloxicam and I can't find it this morning so I better go find a little pain killer. My hands are killing me this morning.


  6. Ed,

    Not one of those kids know what they are going to do yet. I have 4 under 10 of my own. I sure am not going to raise judgement today if one of them will take over or not. Would I love for one of them to show interest? Darn straight I would. Am I going to keep on my own path in life even if they don't? Darn Striaght I am. It after all is your legacy, you built it you sacraficed you decide how to unwind or send it forward. Even if none of those 12 show interest don't ya suppose you can drive you legacy on through a youngster who is interested? I am not saying give them anything but you have the power to push a few of the obsticles out of the way. Make an impression and share the fact you cleared a little of their path you expect them to do the same.

    Chin up ole boy!! There are many in America, in Ohio or even in Clinton county who would welcome the opportunity to be where you are at in live. Yeah I think our Gov. is going down a slippery slope all I can do is Vote when its time, go to church on Sunday and pave my own path. Nobody said live is easy or fair figure it out buddy you will do well.

    Phil A.