Monday, October 14, 2013

Tipping Point

Folks, we are reaching the tipping point in all kinds of science from basic agronomy, to seeds, to astro physics!

A ‘tipping point’ in science is supposed to happen when the weight of evidence against a theory tips the balance of opinion against it. But we are dazzled in this space age by computer-generated ‘virtual reality’ and the sheer technological brilliance of applied science. So it can come as a surprise to be told that modern theoretical science is in crisis. Today’s inverted science pyramid rests on the mathematics of imaginary particles and energy described by an acausal quantum theory that no one can explain. Occasionally, the more candid scientists admit they don’t understand basic phenomena like mass, gravity, magnetism, lightning, galaxies and even the Sun!

So it is not surprising that planets, stars and galaxies are being discovered that ‘shouldn’t exist’ and most of the visible universe seems to be a mere impurity overwhelmed by mysterious ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy.’ In its role as a consensual belief system today’s ‘settled science’ is now confronted with surprising contradictions more frequently than they can be fitted to the dogmas. And because the fundamental mysteries persist unrecognized, Nobel Prizes are awarded for purely imaginary discoveries in physics. The weird nature of those discoveries should serve to warn us that science is at a tipping point of unparalleled magnitude."

In agronomy, we are figuring out how to raise more corn with less nitrogen.  I love to say my quote, "we tend to overfeed nitrogen and underfeed everything else."  The key to my success this year was more calcium, less nitrogen and more sulfur.  Everything else must be in balance too, down to cobalt and molybdenum, especially in soybeans.
                           N    P       K     Mg  Ca     S     Na    Fe  Mn  B Cu Zn   Mo
GREENE RD1 5.91 0.38 1.80 0.46 1.60 0.35 0.004 158 108 58 16 60 0.390
3297117 NORMS 4.80 0.38 2.00 0.45 1.10 0.30 0.010 95 70 45 11 39
Stage of growth: R3

My soybeans did not suffer from lack of any nutrient and it showed in the tissue test and it really showed in the yield and quality!  They looked good all season and never suffered.  My tested values are all above the "norms" Midwest Labs use to tell us how we are doing on our grade card.  I will finally give myself an "A" on nutrient balance, now let's see if we can do that in the wheat!

The picture is from the edge of the worn out old farm where the tree line had been taken out, compacted, probably not enough nutrient, and two varieties mixed.  I've had good success doing that and the first pass made over 50 bu with each strip getting better.

Ed Winkle


  1. So is the difference between science and religion really the capacity for self doubt?

  2. I certanly agree Ed
    Those are viable points and relevant
    To most all reading your well done Blog.
    In my opinion, we have to go back to the 60's and 70's and carefully review
    The Chemical revolution taught and sold to farmers around the world.
    Make a list.
    Of the changes and the teachings that changed your operation.
    For long term or short term practices.
    For a positive
    Many will say weed control.
    Yet if your chemicals and the rotation
    Of those chemicals are not well managed.
    Then we need to continually reevaluate
    One's program.
    The second thought is.
    Are you farming Dirt ?

    Or are you a steward of your soil.
    Or the soil that you are responsible for.

    Looking at the soil a a larg mass of a living, healthy Aerobic Ruminent.
    Producing lifes energy and a sustainable
    Life for you and your Family.

    Ed knows well a new two season client of ours
    Up East of Marion Ohio.

    After Chris took off his first 116
    Acres of Corn and dried it. He then hauled it in and sold it across the scales
    At 250.2 bu. Acre.
    What did Chris Do to break a record yield for over 100 acres this season.
    Or what did he NOT do to maximize
    The farms profit.

    What he DID not do.
    1. He , for the 1st. Time in 50 seasons
    Eliminated all row and starter. Pop up fertilizer.
    2. He did not side dress this season

    3. For the past 5 seasons he has been told that ESN was the answer for him. But he never could top out a yield like he wanted to.
    I did not see the advantage of the additional $100 plus ton cost so esn was eliminated.
    He chose Not to have any insecticide nor fungicide applied. No foliar was applied to this record corn crop. He did carefully select seed with good health packages.
    not big M. Not big P
    so Chris eliminated the cost of all
    Bandaid products.
    Chris went to a simple very cost effective dry pre broadcast program. More nutrients for less cost than he had purchased
    We had excessive rains and many farms in
    The area simply suffered from lack of tile and lack of N. Managment.
    And Have issues. In the county. With stand and yields.
    Tile does pay.

    so lets go back again to the chemical revolution.
    and see what REALY puts the Healthy grain in your bin.
    and the Procedes in Your Check
    Book. And your soils check book of health,
    Soils health Acount.

    lets go back and look deep into the soil.
    the Chemical
    the Physical
    and the Biological soil soil property's

    are YOUR future.

    Farm for yoyr soils.
    for your Profit. For you

    1. Funny thing with your comments here. I did everything that you claim is a bandaid and raised the best corn I ever have had. 272 across the scales with 62# TW.

    2. Funny thing with your comments here. I did everything that you claim is a bandaid and raised the best corn I ever have had. 272 across the scales with 62# TW.

    3. Tell us more, Mike. Email is good

  3. Well, I don't know who this Wal Thornhill blogger is, but science passed the tipping point in many areas already: The Big Bang for instance is not a "myth" anymore, the Big Bang is the only explanation we have that makes sense explaining dozens of observed phenomenons, like how the Universe is accelerating away, the particles that it generated and still bombard us, etc.

    I have no doubt many scientists are too specialized and too much into their own world and jargon, but isn't it the case of every profession, including farmers? Scientists have peer review to validate their papers, this blogger expresses only his own unvalidated fantasies. Budd, you're right, it always amazes me for instance to see climate deniers calling themselves "skeptics" when scientists are the biggest skeptics of them all, and in every discussion I had with scientists raising such potential counter-theories, I was always amazed and humbled that they had already considered them and a thousand others I didn't even think of, studied them and for the most part, disregarded them because they ended up not being supported by any evidence, or in a few cases, the seemingly contradictory results helped the scientists to better understand and confirm their own results.

    Good job with the beans, Ed. I harvested only a quarter of a bushel with my fast, considering the fat content only! ;)

  4. Excellent comments, I don't know where to begin so maybe I won't. Having too much fun with the grandkids.

    It seems the more we learn the less we know but I see a huge range in scientific views creation to modern day theory. That same variation is showing up in farming, too, 274 bu in one field and 140 on the same soil 1/4 mile away!

    Budde, Bill Wilson says there is no Universal Truth on many of these matters.

    I don't know how God did it but I know he is there, that's one truth I will die with.