Sunday, October 6, 2013

14 Day Medical Diet

My doctor gave me a diet to follow for 14 days that he used for pre-surgery patients.  It is similar to the Scarsdale diet but even more limited.  I found this diet once on the Internet but I haven't it found it yet today.  My cousin followed this diet once and I had a copy of it.  If I don't find the same thing, I will type it out if you are interested.

Our goal is to take 20 lbs off me.  Today is the first day so say a little prayer for your old farm buddy!  It's only two weeks, right?  I need to jump start my diet again by taking some weight off and doing some more testing.  He gave me a bunch of supplements to take with breakfast and dinner.  You are supposed to take them 30 minutes before you eat and I will have to work that into my daily schedule.

For breakfast each day it's grapefruit with a poached egg with coffee.  Coffee or water is the premise for the liquids in this diet.  No soda's or diet drinks or anything else, just coffee or water.  That is my principal beverage as I don't buy pop, I do drink quite a bit of iced tea in the summer but I've lost my taste for that now which is good.

Sunday lunch is a big fruit salad with all the fruit you want which is easy for me as I am a fruit eater.   We spend more on fruit than anyone I know of and fresh apples are in season in most of the country.

I am looking for a new source of local farm eggs.  I have several places to choose from if I can find the right one and learn their hours and their mode of operation.  I think I will go back to Sam's Meats in Wilmington to buy my steak since we haven't been eating much steak at home the last year or so.  No bread or potatoes is the hard thing for me but it's only two weeks, right?  Laugh out loud and back to the prayers!

Sunday dinner is chicken and vegetables.  That won't be too hard for me either but I am already looking forward to the pork or steak allowed in the diet for protein.

LuAnn basically followed this diet to get her cholesterol down so she was willing to do it with me.  That should make it a whole lot easier on me!

We have flash flooding all around us with the big storm system that came through.  My wheat all came right up in record time but it looks just a little pale to me.

More on that later,

Ed Winkle


  1. Good luck with the weight losing, don't forget to exercise too, but I guess you do that already walking in the field.

    No point eliminating soda and bread or potatoes if high carb fruits are allowed, they are basically sugar on a stem, with barely any fiber. And the "all you can eat" fruits weirds me out, all diets should specify quantities. Big mixed salads work better for me, all the veggies really feel the stomach and make you feel satiated, and we don't eat nearly as much raw vegs as we should. You can add tuna or cubes of chicken in it, cheese and fruits, a mixed salad can be a whole meal, starter, entree, cheese and dessert!

    Autumn is a great time for diets to purge the body before winter, when we tend to accumulate more toxins, I had muscat grape diets 3 times before, eating nothing but organic muscat grapes for 10 days to 2 weeks. Actually gained some weight the last time, also on a "all you can eat" fruit diet!

  2. This article gives you some clues Chimel. I think I am going to have to type it out since I can't find the exact diet. The footnote on it is 1989 so it's older than that.