Sunday, October 13, 2013


I set off another little firestorm on Crop Talk again.  Wicket was complaining about seed prices so I posted mine.  "I will pay about any price for the quality and pedigrees I want. 

Fortunately, I don't have to 
corn $129-$169 
soybeans from bin plus cleaning and treatment, to $32 per unit for other seed 
wheat $13 per bushel with SabrEx, it's up and growing 

I am quite a shopper, aren't I? 

Oh yeah, I guess you know I certify seed and plant non GMO. 

Good luck on your stock."

Readers thought that was boastful so I better edit it with some humility like Ron Lukow suggests.  I just did that.

See, I didn't think it through before I posted it.  I sounded like a boastful old fart which is one of my defects of character.  Humility goes a long way.  I think the re-post sounds better, don't you?

I know about every guy who responded and I didn't mean for them to have to take sides.

Why in the world would I pay too much for traits I don't need when I can farm the way I want to without them?

Commercial for Genesys, First Choice, Steritz Seed, Porter Hybrids and all my good suppliers- give those guys a chance and see what they can do for you!  Seed quality is so very important!

NAT and blogging is two of my passions, I might just be addicted.  My goal is this:

Ed Winkle


  1. You have a nice bike, or is that LuAnn? ;)
    Now I don't wonder you started a diet...
    (I know it's not you!)

    Working on intrant costs such as seed is really the best way to increase profitability, since other intrants like fertilizer or pesticides may not be so easy to control, and farmers have virtually no say in the now global price of their crop either.

    It's not all a matter of the least short term investment for the maximum yield either, there are longer term goals too, like building humus, adding draining and irrigation, but these do increase profit too.

    I read your post yesterday but there was no replies yet. I see it has generated a lot of talk, mostly in a good way. Good job with the seed selection, Ed!

  2. If anyone is offended by your low input costs they are jealous.

    You do a good job of variety selection for your farm. However, my dad has cautioned me many times that cheap seed can become amazingly expensive if it doesn't perform. We base our seed purchases on proven field performance. Never on purchase price.

    Hope you had a beer for the biker.

    David Seck

  3. You may have heard the saying, Ed, "Some people would complain if you shot them with a brand new gun!" Anyone who squawks over THAT post is just plain looking for trouble.

  4. That's a picture of a farm helper asking do you need any help Ed? That's been a few years and I don't even know where he is or what he is doing now. It's one of my favorite pictures. I am on the drill loading it with seed and just happened to have my camera in my pocket.

    Shoot someone with a brand new gun, never heard that one before! I've heard some good ones this week!

    David, I feel some of the best pedigrees never caught on because they weren't being "pushed" by the majors. I've found that true here at least!

    There is a new soybean in Ohio named Highland, appropriate for the Highland County area which I am in. My seed man has some right beside my old standby Jacob and has to send them to town for varietal purity. I said, if you cleaned and bagged them up, I would plant them!


  5. Band Aids where BIG $$$$ are needed to market and Hype UP.
    BUT when the true in the field trials are Looked at. ???? RUN FAST MR FARMER