Monday, November 19, 2012


First of all today I want to say a special prayer for Irv.  I found Irv last night.  He is fighting a tough struggle with pancreatic cancer.  The numbers are not in his favor but we know with God all things are possible.  I just don't know what God's Will is for Irv so I have to pray they come true.  We know all things turn out good in the end if you are on the right side.  There are a lot of friends hurting right now and we pray for their peace and their healing.

We got to witness our oldest grandchild receive her First Communion yesterday.  The church was packed to Standing Room Only as family and friends gathered for the celebration.  Hearing that little girl, now young lady say she came on her own free will just made our hearts sing.  You couldn't force her to do something she didn't want to if you tried.  She knows right from wrong.

We got to see almost all of our grandkids this weekend.  Baby Deirdre is the quietest little newborn you can imagine.  Liam tickled us though, he said "Now if it were just Deirdre and me, life would be so much simpler.  That Caoilin and Finn, they are always into trouble!"  He grows so many ways every time we see him.  I think he will be a better big brother than I was.

Baby Katherine will be baptized in two weeks.  That will be a very special day for all of us.  She is one of those babies who could compete with the famous Gerber babies for cute and adorable.  LuAnn has each grandchild's picture hung up the stairway to the top floor so we get to see them every morning and every night.  Every one of them fit that category to us.  We have a handsome set of grandchildren!

We have so enjoyed the weather this month!  It has been pretty much gorgeous in southwest Ohio.  I hope to keep replenishing my firewood supply as winter draws near.

Farmers who are still shelling corn are very lucky compared to last year.  This fall is more like 2010 which seemed to go on forever.  However, this gives the tiller guys too much time to tear up ground while the rest of us work on fencerows, lime and tile issues.  I imagine everything that is going to be planted this fall has been planted.

Some things to ponder this winter:
Soil Health and Civilization
Modern Day Challenges
Solvita Soil Health Test
Rick Haney's Work With Soil Health
Soybean Inoculation
Naturall Inoculant

This should be enough good work to keep the blessings flowing!

Have a great week,

Ed Winkle


  1. Nice picturet. Now I am guessing the kids are still up in that tree and you have no idea how you'll get them to come down...

    Hey you should do such a NAT "best of" every week! ;)

    Talking about kids, mine is 6 year old and at the end of its rope, looks like I'll have to make a new one after 6 years of Vista and Windows 7 service. ;)

    Since holiday season is starting with black Friday this week, do you think some people on NAT would be interested building their own computer?
    I have been building my own computers for about 20 years, and it's a great family workshop activity, it's very easy and reliable if you assemble the right components, even a kid can build one. It also helps demystify the computer once you have put your hands inside the case and touched all these parts!
    I can help people spec their computer according to their need, and source the parts from online or local shops. For free and for fun, of course.

  2. I should have figured you were one of those. I helped build a couple of mine but wasn't much help. My former student Brandon used to build them, my friend Curt built them then they couldn't compete in price.

    How do you compete in price?

    Yes, there are a lot of handy types, hams and experimenters on NAT. Most are farmers and hang out on their favorite page but some hang out on the Computer Talk page.

    That's a fair question, if you want to ask it, send it to me and I will support you in that effort. I think it's a good idea.

    This one is 4 years old or so and lost all my old email trying to keep it alive. It was dumb and my fault. I save email like documents. I get some amazing, life changing email!

    If I were nimbler and interested I would build one. I would really like to build a fancy crystal set with Liam and hang an antenna from his room to one of those trees he and Caoilin are in.


  3. It's probably hard to cheap the Dells for entry level computers. Their cheapest offer is $400 (without monitor), when the processor alone costs $130. I'll try to check what a home built entry level computer would cost though, just for fun.

    But when you have more serious computer needs, like for gaming, or when you need specific components, then it's comparable or cheaper, with the added satisfaction of having built your own.

  4. There's a link on how to back up your email in here:
    It's for gmail, but other mail systems must have equivalences.

    Losing your email or other electronic pieces of personal information can be quite an issue, although on the whole, I find it nice to know that after a while, such ephemeral information gets lost forever. This seems to be part of the life cycle.

    I am thankful that I will be long dead before the days when we'll bee able to dump our day's actions from waking up to going to bed every night into some sort of 3D video that can be replayed at any time, or when we'll have all our dreams recorded automatically or we have machines to read the knowledge in our minds, all of it accessible on Youtube! ;)