Monday, February 9, 2009

Top Ten Counties To Raise A Family

This caught my eye this morning on DTN Ag News:

"Top 10 Counties to Raise a Family
Wed Feb 4, 2009 12:44 PM CST

The Progressive Farmer has compiled its list of the best rural counties in the U.S. in which to raise a family. The list was based on certain criteria: home and land prices, crime rates, environment, education, economic factors, access to health care and others. Counties were first ranked using a proprietary formula based on these statistics, then arranged again based on editorial opinion after the magazine staff travels to selected counties.

Here are this year's top 10 counties to raise a family:

1. Hamilton County, Neb.

2. Chippewa County, Minn.

3. Ida County, Iowa

4. Harvey County, Kan.

5. Clinton County, Iowa

6. Fayette County, Texas

7. Oconee County, Ga.

8. McPherson County, Kan.

9. Obion County, Tenn.

10. Madison County, Va.

We have visited many of these counties and they are also nice places to visit. It is no secret we love Iowa and looked at property there. Reminds me of Ohio when I was a kid.

But we stayed in Ohio and all of our kids and grandkids are still here. I hope they don't have to move away because of career advancement but you never know.

I can't believe Akron Ohio made MSNBC's list. I think I will stick with Progressive Farmers list. You can even design your own Top Ten list there!

Here is how my Top Ten came out. I knew I should have taken that teaching job I was offered in Illinois in the 70's!

1. Edwards County, Illinois
2. Marshall County, Illinois
3. Mercer County, Illinois
4. Lyon County, Iowa
5. Chickasaw County, Iowa
6. Sioux County, Iowa
7. Schuyler County, Illinois
8. Grundy County, Iowa
9. Iowa County, Iowa
10.Cuming County, Nebraska

Iowa would still be hard to beat and Washington, Stockton, Dyersville and Farley are some of my favorite towns.

How did your county fare? Ohio never even made the rankings. Where would you move if you had a chance to start over?

Ed Winkle

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