Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Month!

Sable has been here one month now! Boy those 30 days sure went fast.

She is in full puppy mode now while learning commands. You have to grab her face and look into her eyes and repeat the command sometimes but she is going pretty well.

She has only damaged one old gym shoe but she sure loves to carry LuAnn's stuff around. This morning she scratched at the door after LuAnn left. LuAnn gave her a kiss and I said wow, now the dog is better off than I am! We took care of that too, though...

She eats pretty well now and has grown a bunch. People who first met her get out of their car or truck and say wow she's grown! One farmer had a favorite shepherd and says she is doing good and keeps giving me a few pointers.

She is also getting more protective and really attached to me. I have to take her everywhere, at least I feel like I do. I am going to have to set up strict lines where and when she can participate and when she can't. Overall, I think she is doing well.

It's like raising a child but this one has 4 legs and can really scat. The cats down hang around the porch like they used to, I believe they are really bummed!

Those massive paws proves she is going to be one big shepherd and a formidable foe to anyone who really upsets her. I am looking forward to that but just enjoying the diminishing puppy stage and trying to respond to her learning new things while keeping her at bay.

She had both ears erect on some visits yesterday. They are kind of floppy when she gets up in the morning but I notice more and more muscle tone all over her body, especially her ears.

Dogs are wonderful creatures. God sure put them here for a reason. They didn't earn the title "man's best friend" for nothing.

I would really like to raise pups from her but that is awhile off and we really aren't prepared for that if ever. Neutering was also created for a reason...

It really got cold and windy again so that limits our time outside while I work on paperwork and there are always mounds of it.

Such is farming and running a business.

Have a great day,

Ed Winkle

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