Saturday, February 21, 2009


I see my German Shepherd picture link broke. Don't you love the Internet? Things are great when they work!

I downloaded that URL and now it doesn't show. That is why I prefer my own pictures.

Sable is out there banging her pan, I just heard it. We both just got up and I didn't quite feed her enough yesterday so she gulped this feeding down and now is pushing the pan all over the porch. I see why they make heavy dog bowls, so it stays in place.

Trixy's dog bowl is in the old straw barn with the cats. I may have to go down and get it and wash it real well for Sable.

These markets have our heads spinning. TV is nothing but attack each other. It would be a great time to leave the country for awhile but not much better where you would go, just a different scenario of bad news.

I have to finish my Power Point for Ada today and practice it a few times. My topic is which cover crop to choose for the crop following it. Pretty simple to me, just plant something!

We talk about cover crops but you really don't see that many. You know why? You are too busy taking off the crop before it and the next thing you know it is too late to plant another one!

Some farmers are geared up to plant and harvest at the same time but you have the expense and distraction from harvest... You get the picture. Next thing you know there is no cover crop planted.

It takes a strong committment and belief to do what we really know is best.

Are we that lazy? Some would say we are that comfortable. This applies to our economic situation as it is easy to get in a wait and see mode without taking action.

I can't believe Ash Wednesday is almost upon us.

Next thing you know we will be planting!

Ed Winkle

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