Monday, February 16, 2009

A Great Week!

It was a very good week! The only down part was the terrible wind storm Wednesday night. We got home and found two barn doors blown off again. Yes, again. Both have been repaired once and the big one was replaced after the tornado here on Good Friday of 2006. My insurance company has been very good to me and I would recommend them to anyone!

The farm machinery show was amazing and uplifting. I know so many people from across the country now it is difficult to walk far and not run into someone I have met. The agricultural community is that small now and mine has gotten so big since retiring from teaching in 2002.

Farmers were spending money and asking questions. They can't blame this economy on us because most of us had a good year and we spend every nickel we get our hands on!

LuAnn and I were thinking how much money we have handled in almost ten years and it is staggering. Money is just a tool to live and manage our business but the TV and Internet makes you want to go hide it under a rock.

What are we leaving our kids and grandkids in this society? It really makes you wonder so we just keep on enjoying them every chance we get.

Yesterday was fun. Jason helped me get a load of wood next door from a neighbor's tree trimming Friday and we were able to get a big truckload loaded, moved, split and stacked in the old barn for future use. A pile of wood like that just spells security to me.

Then the grandkids came and we had a blast. We are trying to teach Sable how to treat the little people so they won't get hurt. The two little ones are a little afraid of her because she is bigger and stronger than them even though she is only 4 months old. We let them run the house and they just had fun running from the living room and Scooby Doo on TV to LuAnn's office where kids always like to go. It is a friendly place.

Normally they hang out in my office with all the toys but they were happy to run the 60 feet from one end of the house to the other. Just skipping, playing, talking and interacting with each other, very rewarding for us to just sit and watch.

Today is President's Day so no banking or mail to deal with. That kind of throws me off and leaves 4 week days to get it all done this week. I have so many projects going on I need to focus on a few and get them done.

It is kind of like feeding 10 fires at once while I am feeding two real stoves with two real fires at the same time.

It got down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit last night but the day is clear and sunny.

I wonder what I will get into today...

Ed Winkle

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