Sunday, February 22, 2009

February is Slipping

An slipping by real quickly! It's not just the shorter month, it's these fast times, too. Next Sunday it will be March and we are in Lent!

I haven't seen any Mardi Gras coverage this year. Someone said the one in St. Louis is bigger than New Orleans now. We were down there one year right before the big celebration and they had already started.

I guess they are too busy licking their wounds and most have moved away from New Orleans since Katrina. I never saw anything in the stimulus that would help them that much either.

We watched the Weather Channel coverage of Galveston Texas and the 1900 hurricane, the rebuilding of the island and then Hurricane Ike last September. Hard to believe that storm got to Ohio.

I wonder how much damage we had in our state from roofs to corn laying all over the fields? I am afraid we will be dealing with that corn sprouted in our notill beans this year in Ohio.

The corn around here stood pretty well considering but everyone had some stalks down, ears on the ground and all the tops blown out as a minimum. Sometimes the top took the ear with it. Millions and millions of dollars of loss I am sure.

09 weather concerns me, let alone these half priced markets of last year. I guess the bubble burst all over! Stock market hasn't found its bottom and beans haven't either. That is a little too interesting for me on the wrong side.

Of course the big bubble last year was just as bad. Few were able to sell high priced crops because it dropped so quickly by the time we figured it out. Sky is the limit to the sky is falling happened all too quickly for the feeble human mind to comprehend.

I woke up this morning just counting my blessings and thinking about all the souls who are hurting and need help. I don't see the stimulus fixing that but know the church can. Of course you have to be there to partake in that grace.

I will be glad to get the closing completed this week and get my talk at Ada delivered. Ask my wife, I like to talk. Most times that is true, but some times I am in a quiet reflective mood and just sit here and type out my thoughts.

Everyone says our country needs a shake up and wake up call. I think we got it. Are we going to do anything about it or just hang on until it hurts too badly?

Penance is upon us and it is time to give up some of the bad by doing good. I try to do that everyday but this takes a higher, more concerned effort.

What will you give up willingly this year?

I did the financial net worth so it is time for the personal self worth. I like myself just fine but I can always do better.

Ed Winkle

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