Tuesday, February 17, 2009


RFD TV has really changed the ag landscape. I got to see myself on TV last night.

The day before the NNTC in Indianapolis a young man from Osborn-Barr emailed me and asked me if I would do a TV interview about the conference for them for and RFD program to be aired later.

I said sure and did the interview when I got to Indianapolis first thing on Wednesday, January 14. The driving was rough that wintry day but I made it safe and sound although there were cars in the ditch and median along the way.

They sat us on a stool in a dark room with only the lights on us. Another young man asked me questions and I responded. I had never done anything like that before.

I wondered into my first NNTC in the 90's when Leon asked me to go to the Independent Professional Seedsman Association meeting in St. Louis. There were many times the people at NNTC as IPSA so I watched a couple of presentations and talked to some of the farmers there. It was a beautiful warm day in St. Louis and I got a good picture of the arch on my old Sony digital camera.

He didn't know farming or agriculture so he couldn't ask the lead in questions to get me going like he could have. Still, it turned out pretty well and my friends said it was a good show.

I imagine they will air it several times on RFD which is channel 345 on our new Direct TV system. I recorded the event so I can critique myself. The program is called SFP No-Till Notes and was taped at the 17th annual National NoTillage Conference in Indianapolis.

Specialty Fertilizer Products are selling Avail for more phosphorous release and uptake and Nutrishphere for nitrogen. I haven't tried their products but the chemistry makes sense. You can even use them with manure so they may have something.

The neat thing is I have met every farmer and agribusinessman they interviewed on the program. That made the show more important to me.

It has been years since I was on TV when I was teaching and working in Extension. I guess it turned out OK.

Have you ever been on TV for the world to see?

It is quite an experience!

Ed Winkle


  1. Ed, check out my last comment under "Doctor Visits". It was ditrected to both you and "Buddeshepherd, concerning "personal" info on posts. Tell me what you think.

  2. Does this make you a celebrity?
    I was once interviewed by the Capital Press. It provided the neighbors with a lot of entertainment.
    We don't have RFD TV. Would really liked to have seen the show.
    As for my comments on Blogging.
    People who don't know you thrive on all the details. Makes you seem real.
    I was talking about people I did know.
    I like Ed's blog, useful info, nice links, just enough personal info so you feel you know him.

  3. Nancy, I agree and that is why I wrote the post. LuAnn is a little more careful about that than I am but have ran into too many people who never got the motivation to fix something simple before it got out of hand!

    Thanks Budde, so far I still enjoy writing it. Ask me in two months!


  4. They emailed me Budde and they are selling the show on DVD! I guess we are celebreties! LOL I will have to send you my copy when I get it.

    I didn't link anything on the last two posts yet. LuAnn hates the links, thinks it distracts from the text.

    Me, I love links. That is how I learn things, there so much on the Internet I never see that I would like to read! It might let you know a little more what I am thinking about, too.