Monday, February 9, 2009

National Farm Machinery Show

The Big Show is this week. They reported just over 300,000 people there last year. I don't know how they count that many with the parking booths etc. Probably a close guess though.

This is the 44th annual with the big indoor pull around since the late 60's. 1.2 million square feet will be filled with farm machinery and related items, 800 exhibitors and all exhibit area filled. I call it 40 acres under roof.

It is the biggest show east of the Mississippi and one of the largest in the country if not the biggest. It gets quite crowded Friday and Saturday as lots of FFA chapters bring busloads of kids besides the bus loads of farmers from around the continent.

Lots of farmers from Ontario Canada attend as it is not that far from them. I always end up talking to some of them at the show.

This year I am looking at sprayers, planters and drills. Everyone likes to see the new tractors and pick up trucks though. Some people hunt down tools and parts but travel light is my byword so I don't do that myself.

I always run into someone I know at Marvin Gordon's little booth in the enlarged South Wing. Marvin builds mod's for combines and hosts the Harvesting website. Lots of us from NAT meet there around noon every day. With the new NAT wear it will be easier to spot another poster or lurker from NAT. The ag world just keeps getting smaller, or larger depending how you look at it.

That show and the FFA Convention have a huge impact on Louisville's economy. FFA moved to Indianapolis as they bid out their convention but this show will always be at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center and the pulls will be in Freedom Hall.

Farmers have spring fever here as the weather is warmer and yesterday was beautiful here. Really makes you think about the 2009 crop! I am sure that fever will spread through Louisville and adjoining communities this week as it would be hard to find a motel room within 25 miles or more.

I wonder how many people learned about this show when they tried to book a room in the area this week?

See you at the show,

Ed Winkle


  1. Now that's the show I'd like to see. Anyone selling Delmhorst hay moisture testers? Perhaps I'll have to make the trek. Just one small step from the back page classifieds in Successful Farming to the National Farm Machinery Show! Tomorrow the world!
    That show and the Minneapolis-Moline convention which is in March in Indiana this year. Could also make a trek to the Studebaker museum in South Bend. Probably prime planting weather for me.
    What I want to know is how many interesting little booths. Anyone welding pop cans? Drill bits that can go through anything? Strange garden fittings that you buy for you wife but she will NEVER use? Strange farm implements that look like they would be really usefull if you ever farmed on a 45 degree slope or harvest grapes in Finland?
    I've seen big tractors before...

  2. I never saw any there, now you have a reason to come next year! It might be hard to get on the list, though. I will ask when I am down there.

    MM Convention, now that sounds interesting and its next month! If you go to South Bend, go to the Oliver Museum. I haven't been there but it is on the list of things to do!

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