Thursday, March 6, 2014

You Tube

I should have taken some video clips in Hawaii but I got out of the habit of doing that.

A few years ago, I posted some of my farming activities on YouTube.  Those video's are pretty crude compared to today's standards but I still like to go back and watch them every once in awhile.  YouTube is popular among farmers and here are a few samples.  I like the one of testing the Brix of weeds!

One of the most popular farmer You Tube videos now was done by Derek Klingenberg in Kansas.  I would like to meet that guy.  I like his better than the other farmer videos posted there, especially for parody's, where they copy someone else's rhyme into their own.  He caught my fancy with his parody of What Does The Farmer Say?

YouTube has been a good tool for me to learn about agriculture and other things, though it's an entertainment channel for many of us.

What is your favorite YouTube video?  It used to be difficult to upload a YouTube video but with higher Internet speeds, it isn't so hard anymore.  I've just gotten lazy about uploading them but I've seen so many you would enjoy since the last time I uploaded one.

I think YouTube useage has increased with this challenging winter in the U.S.!


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