Saturday, March 1, 2014

Climate Change?

Climate change?  I like Charles Krauthammer.

"Charles Krauthammer says it right up front in his Washington Post column: “I’m not a global warming believer. I’m not a global warming denier.”

He does, however, challenge the notion that the science on climate change is settled and says those who insist otherwise are engaged in “a crude attempt to silence critics and delegitimize debate.”
How ironic, then, that some environmental activists launched a petition urging the Post not to publish Krauthammer’s column on Friday.

Their response to opinions they disagree with is to suppress the speech.

Brad Johnson (@ClimateBrad), the editor of and a former Think Progress staffer, boasted on Twitter that 110,000 people had urged the newspaper “to stop publishing climate lies” like the Krauthammer piece."

I've listened to Charles of tens if not more hours over the last ten years and I pretty much agree with what he has to say.  I don't think he is wrong on this opinion, I am also not a global warming "agreer" if you think about the cycles that were started eons ago, I tend to be a global warming denier like he suggests.

Yes, we know the population growth of the earth has had impact on weather, maybe even climate cycles but they are minuscule to the big picture.

The biggest challenge is feeding another billion people in the next 12 years while trying to do that "sustainably," like we have learned to do a little better the last 100 years or so, especially with no-till and better land management practices.



  1. "I pretty much agree with what he has to say"
    I am betting the "pretty much" does not cover his positions on abortion and evolution... ;)

    Well Krauthammer is a conservative columnist, not a scientist, no wonder he has this kind of position. He said climate change was not settled last year too, but you'd think he would know better now that the 2013 climate change statistics have been published (the fourth warmest year since 1980 according to NOAA, the fifth according to the Cowtan & Way, probably around the seventh according to NASA and the UK MetOffice HadCRUT4 data but I couldn't find detailed information.) But no, Obama saying climate change science was settled when he was in California was just too provocative not to reply to, especially in a context of local cold year and winter. It's easier to believe, regardless of the thousands of studies and scientists that confirm "global" warming is real and measured.
    Even the surface temperature "pause" was debunked last year, we are still producing "4 Hiroshima atomic bomb detonations worth of energy per second." Look at the last chart in this article:

    I agree though that climate change is only one part of the challenges for the future, hope the next generations will do a better job at tackling them.

  2. You are correct, I don't know those things about him. I do know that I am not sold on the idea or supposed "facts" that man has caused massive climate change. I could be wrong.

    You seem to be much better read on all the subjects than I am but I think a lot of common sense, well educated people of faith agree with me. Again I could be wrong on that too.


  3. I agree as well. What gets me is that Alaska has had, for the most part, a warmer than usual winter (I live near Barrow, but I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio), but are still setting records for wind-chill and record lows. In the Mountain West, Mid-West, Northeast, and Deep South, they are also setting records for wind-chills, record lows, and especially this year, snowfalls. Even animals native to places in Alaska, like Snowy Owls, have migrated as far south as Ohio and parts of Northern Kentucky this year, and some sightings of them are the first in generations.

    It's funny how my friends, both "Sourdoughs" (outsiders that have lived in Alaska either a long time or were born from settlers here), and Native Alaskan people (Athabascan Indians, Tlingit and Haida Indians, Yupik Eskimos, and Inupiaq Eskimos- whom I work with), believe that it is warmer today than in years past. But they also believe that you cannot get rid of winter or cold temperatures entirely. Their ancients spoke of very cold days and very warm days in their past, and that things "return as they were" eventually. One Inupiaq legend says that "When the end of the world comes, and the ice is all gone, a monster will come out of the water and take over the earth." How true that is? I don't know in my finite and frail human mind. But their Elders foretold such a thing, and it's been warmer than usual up here.