Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Mentor, My Legacy

Thanks to Chuck's post in the Cafe, I ventured back to this morning.   This is a pretty good thread and talks about the monetary value of NAT.   Successful Farming's are the ones who got me into the Farm Forum discussions and actually led to the formation of NewAgTalk.  They have a new contest which intrigued me and made me think about my many mentors over my lifetime. 

"SUBMIT A NOMINATION: During the Nomination Period you ("you," "your" or "Nominator") may nominate a person you know who has made a difference in your life and how they inspired you to farm or impacted you somehow in the way of Agriculture. ("Nominee"). To be eligible, a nomination must include: (1) your name, address, e-mail address, daytime phone number, and relationship to the Nominee; (2) the Nominee's name, address, e-mail address, and daytime phone number; (3) the name and a description of the charity you'd like to receive a donation in the nominee's name (4) an essay (in 200-1,000 words) or a video (maximum 5 minutes) describing how Nominee has impacted or influenced your life or career on the farm or impacted you somehow in the way of Agriculture; and (5) Optional Photos, Videos,

Testimonials that help to convey who the nominee is and how they've impacted you (collectively, a "Nomination"). To submit a video as part of your Nomination, upload a video of yourself describing how the Nominee has impacted or influenced your life or career on the farm or impacted you somehow in the way of Agriculture onto a video sharing site (i.e., a website that permits the uploading of personal videos and sharing of such videos via links to the website), title the video "My Mentor, My Legacy" and include the URL of the video in your Nomination."

That description got too technical for me way too quick.  How could I pick out one mentor?  How could I post a video of someone who really impacted me as a child 50-60 years ago when such was not common?  Nonetheless, I will probably nominate someone just to participate.  I like the idea, I doubt my entry would be sufficient.

Who would you nominate for your mentor, your legacy?  I don't care for the legacy deal, it makes it sound like you are more important than someone else and that just isn't true.



  1. Ed , I too really enjoyed SF ag online when it was starting in '90's and there format was pretty good at that time ,then things just kinda fell apart and somebody mentioned NAT and only issue I have with it is its addictive nature . Strong point is good moderators keep the site from derogatory posts and political agendas. On SRW checked some fields on Monday and with all the water-ice-cold we have had its gonna be tough , lot of wheat under water-ice still-kevin in Ontario

  2. Addictive nature, oh my goodness! This was our avenue to devote more money to technology! I am one of the worst, my post total is very sick.

    I am sorry about your wheat but that might be one of those blessings where God changes course for you and you end up in a better place! I think mine is going to make it, I just hope $7 does too!