Sunday, March 16, 2014

Singing And Swinging With Seniors!

"AVON, Ohio - - It's Tuesday morning and five youngsters ages 10 months to 8 years old are happy to see their new friends. Along with their mothers, they are ready to dance and sing with residents of St. Mary of the Woods Senior Living Community.

It's difficult to tell who is having a better time, the kids or the adults. Ann Howard, the Sing and Swing music teacher, leads the intergenerational group in a variety of dance movements and vocal and instrumental performances.

"These children are wonderful," said Jean Walsh, a long time resident of St. Mary's. "Did you see how that little baby's eyes sparkled while he crawled around? He was moving to the music like all the older kids. It was just precious."

Another resident commented that the movement routines that she is able to complete while sitting in the chair gives her some needed activity. "After one of these sessions, I'm ready to have a cup of coffee and take a rest!" she said.

Jenifer Woda, director of Sing and Swing Northeast Ohio said that the early childhood music program is part of an internationally recognized Music Together curriculum.

Central to the success of the program is the power of adult role models as youngsters participate in a rich musical environment. "Without the seniors, it just wouldn't have the same impact," Woda said.
Rebecca Peters from North Olmstead homeschools her four children. Having the opportunity to participate in the music program with St. Mary's residents has enriched her children's learning experiences in all areas.

"My older children are studying musical instruments, and having been in the Sing and Swing classes as toddlers prepared them well for individual music lessons," said Peters."

We are proud of you Becky and this is an awesome story of what I feel life should be really be like.


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