Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kanagroos In My Beans!

Cane Munga posted some neat pictures of kangaroo's in his soybeans!  We got to see some neat things in New Zealand and Australia but no kangaroo's in soybeans!  Deer is the most likely unwanted dinner guest in many Midwest soybean fields.

Many people I have met would like to visit Australia and/or New Zealand.  It's on many bucket lists.  I encourage you to go because if I can do it, I think anyone can?  A tenant farmer's son builds a ham radio station and talks to a farmer down under via Morse Code in 1964.  He never loses that vision of what is it like down there and actually gets to visit 50 years later!  Pretty good story, isn't it?  It's true and it happened to me!

If time and money isn't your obstacle, I think the long flight scares many would be travelers from booking the flight.  I wouldn't recommend it for your first flight but I have met people who have basically done that!  Most of us fly a little farther each time over the years until we are comfortable with managing a long distance flight.

The airlines really make it pretty painless unless you are really scared of flying.  Airplanes are safer than automobiles but I am sure this missing flight for over a week now will make some say, that's it, I can't handle the worry of flying.  Maybe I am nuts, but I would hop a flight to Australia or New Zealand today!

If it is your dream, forget your fears and work towards visiting soon.  None of us are getting any younger.  The reality of us flying to New Zealand happened in 2010 after our dear friend Chris ventured to the states with a group of farmers visiting the Midwest in 2008.  It takes a little time to build such an itinerary, but I can help you speed it up in a hurry.

I would love to take a group of you to visit but I am not a tour leader.  That is a lot of responsibility.  I could be a guide for a few stops?   I would love to see Kangaroo's in the beans, wouldn't you?

Ed Winkle

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