Monday, March 31, 2014

Delivering Grain

Here is a good story I ran across.  I've lost the link to it so maybe you can help find it.

Productivity in American Agriculture

The statistics below showcase how productivity and agricultural methods have changed over the last several decades:

In 1930:
One farmer fed 10 people

25% of income spent on food

22% of the U.S. workforce in Ag

Since 1960, U.S.:
Corn yields have tripled

Wheat yields have tripled

Soybean yields are up 70%

The most populated countries in 2020 are projected to be China, India, U.S., Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Russia, and Japan, with an anticipated 7.6 billion people total. Nearly half of that is expected to be in the 10 countries listed above! Food production demand is expected to soar over the next 50 years; adoption of modern business/production management practices coupled with the application of safe and proven technologies will drive that initiative.

The story of American agriculture is a phenomenal one, and our sincerest thanks to you, the producer, for feeding a growing world! "

Those numbers are pretty impressive even though we have discussed the relatively flat yield numbers many have faced in the last ten years.  Wheat and soybeans have received more attention for improvement while corn yields increased primarily to corn breeding.

Can the world feed another billion people in the next 12 years?

Ed Winkle


  1. Man, some of these countries will have real problems, I didn't know they produced anything but famine and other plagues in the first place, let alone millet or other crops.

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