Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

These aren't New Year's resolutions, but ways to look at yourself.  LuAnn ran across these, what do you think?

1.    Physical 
            Endurance, strength and flexibility 
            Body composition and diet 
            Sexual behavior 
            Substance use/abuse 
            Sleep pattern
2.    Intellectual 
            Continuous acquisition of knowledge 
            Awareness of current events 
            Expression and experience of creativity
3.    Emotional 
            Stress management and relaxation 
            Self-awareness and acceptance
4.    Social 
            Interpersonal relationships 
            Fairness and justice 
            Concern for community welfare
5.    Spiritual 
            Value and belief system 
            Personal meaning 
            Hope and optimism
6.    Environmental 
            Protection of resources 
            Enhancement of safety
7.    Occupational 
            Vocational satisfaction 
            Balance of work and leisure
These are very basic but very descriptive, too.  I picked up on the physical ones regarding my right arm and on my want and need to spread soft rock phosphate.  I feel pretty positive about everything on this list regarding myself except for a couple of physical problems I am going to have to deal with this year.

If I can improve those conditions and keep up the other good things I am doing, 2014 could be a pretty decent year.

As a farmer, drought or flood can impact that but I don't have to take it personally.

All I can do is respond in a positive manner.

Have a great day,



  1. Thanks, Brad. At my age it seems I work with my family and friends on health and wellness as much as I do agriculture! A yearly physical with my very valued doctor has kept me alive and functioning. It's up to me to do the hard work but I have know what I am dealing with. If I am going to test soil and plants, I am going to get my own self tested, too!

    The spiritual part has always been important to me but at this stage of life, it's never been more important. It's a good thing my parents forced us all to go to Sunday School as you can see that now in each of the 14 Winkle grandchildren.

    I think we could discuss each one of the items in the blog as a blog itself!