Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ten Most Fascinating People In Agriculture

I found this interesting article thanks to my soil sampling friend Dave Rahe in Illinois.  He writes "observations in agriculture."

I got to thinking who my ten most fascinating people would be when it comes to agriculture?

My list has surely changed over my lifetime but it would start with my dad and grandpa.  They were fascinating people to me and greatly influenced my life.  Our county 4-H agent Al Rhonemus and county ag agent, Jim Wells were very influential on my life.

Let's talk recent times, though.  The first one who came to mind is Paul Reed in Washington, Iowa.  That man taught me how to keep no-tilling and not go back to the chisel plow.  I was ready to do that in 1995 when I met him on Ag Online.  He introduced me to cousin Dave Moeller, the smartest guy on planters and combines I've ever met.    After a visit or two, he told me about Keith Schlapkohl.  I visited him and saw the healthiest crops I had ever seen.  They still are.  He has greatly influenced the way I farm and what I recommend.

He introduced me to Jeff Littrell, the mad scientist of chemical formulations and one of the most passionate people of life through agriculture I've ever met.  Jeff has introduced me to a whole host of people like Don Huber and Arden Andersen.  I shouldn't name names because the list will go on forever.

About the same time I met John Haggard on Ag Talk.  John has a view of me and of life and of raising crops like no one I've ever met.  For honesty and integrity, he reminds me of 24 year friend Leon Bird.  Leon is the most caring, honest man I've ever met.  He and Jeff introduced me to Scott Apple, one of the most fascinating farmers I've ever met and the father of sons like Henry.  Young men like Henry just make me smile.

I've been blessed to meet so many fascinating people, so many influential people, so many darned good down to earth people.  Most of them are involved in agriculture but agriculture is my passion.

Who would make your most fascinating people list?

Ed Winkle

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