Monday, January 6, 2014

Did Everyone Survive?

Did everyone survive the arctic blast so far?  It sure looked cold in Green Bay, Wisconsin last night for the NFL Wildcard Playoffs!

We've heard from all the kids and everyone is surviving so far but most everything is shut down for two days where we live.  As long as the power company can keep the power on, life will be much easier for all involved.

Cincinnati fans have pretty much given up on Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis, the two leaders of the Cincinnati Bengal football team.   They've done a decent job getting into the playoffs but they don't seem to have the ability to win the big game.  It's just a game like I said about the Buckeye's, right?  "Every dog has his day," and it looks like they both had their day in the sun.  Now it's back to work.

The mysterious crop circle near San Francisco has been solved.  I bet we see more and more antics like that, don't you?

My email has been hot about farming, Apex soybeans and all kinds of lime and fertilizer discussions.  I haven't been keeping up too well!  For those of you wanting to plant Apex soybeans, contact Scott Apple at Bowling Green, Ohio.  Mine are all spoken for and will be processed this spring.  If you are looking for Jacob or Clermont soybeans, contact Steritz Seed Farm at Lynchburg, Ohio, 5 miles southeast of us.

The big news across the US is surviving the coldest winter we've had in two decades.  Here's hoping we all get through this in anticipation of spring!

Many of my friends will be heading for Springfield, Illinois next week for NNTC.  I won't be in attendance this year.

Here's praying for our prayer list, don't be afraid to ask for prayer.



  1. -40 here in Sask. this morning but business as usual far as I know. Some school bus lines cancelled pickups though. It actually feels better out there today as there is less wind. Yesterday we had wind chill factors of -50. Thats not the kind of weather to stand around in for long.

  2. The wind is howling in Ohio, Ralph. You folks are definitely hardier than your neighbors to the south!

    I will never get used to this kind of weather, so I head south! A year ago it was so far south we weren't far from the South Pole!