Thursday, January 23, 2014

He Bought A Jeep!

Sable the German Shepherd has a buddy.  He bought a Jeep!  Thanks for the funny from our friends in Quebec.

Actually, we have been looking at Jeep's and will be driving one on a rental next month.  LuAnn's Buick Rendezvous is getting near it's end of service for us so we are thinking about a substitute for it.  It needs to be taller and roomy yet get good mileage with longevity.

I really enjoy the Dakota frame so I was thinking about a Dodge Durango.  I know at least one of our readers here got great service out of his.  I posed my question in the Café and got positive response.  Ag Talkers like Durango's in general.  Edmund's was suggested and they give the Durango good reviews.

There is so much competition in that size vehicle, LuAnn has leased the Traverse and the Acadia and she liked them both.  They meet our requirements except for mileage, they are a little hard on gas.  Not as bad as my 2500 HD pickup but not as good as the Rendezvous.  It has been consistently 20 MPG or so over it's lifetime.

What do you folks drive for your "family vehicle?"  As empty nester grand parents we need more room than you would think.  LuAnn's car is often her traveling office with all sorts of work related stuff in the back if it's not carrying people or groceries.  Many of you are well versed in the foreign made vehicles, principally Japan, but we have never owned one.  Chevrolet or GM, Chrysler or Ford as been our primary vehicles.

I don't think she would have any problem getting used to the rear wheel drive again.  She drives the Dakota and Silverado with no problem but the drive and feel is definitely different than the Rendezvous.

I am hoping this doesn't happen this year but it may.  This whole discussion probably won't amount to a hill of beans when it does happen and she goes car shopping.  I never even knew what a Rendezvous was when she brought this one home!

Ed Winkle


  1. A car is always a big decision to make, but the Durango seems big and probably not as fuel efficient as you want. Check out the Consumer Reports special car edition, great way to get some of the basic information objectively, including reliability of new and used models.

    A regular car would work 90% of the time, it's a pity to buy a soccer mom vehicle for the remaining 10%. We need pooled cars, shared between several drivers, like they do in the cities!

  2. One of my college instructors, Mark Shrock, is a car expert. Very opinionated. He goes by the handle crowbar on ag talk. He's a true genius. Smartest man outside of my dad that I've ever been around. Has his email in his profile.

    David Seck

  3. I like my wife's 4 cylinder front wheel drive escape.

    In the Sumer she was getting 28.8mpg on 80mi trips, 26.x in winter.

    We will have 2 carsests in it come march.

    I really like the back hatch for grocery shopping.

    It doesn't have the Hp my 6.7L powerstroke does but doesn't have the big price tag either. It has enough Hp to pass someone and the wife loves it.

  4. I liked the thread on Machinery Talk yesterday where a guy asked about a 4 door pickup in place of one of these. I've thought the same thing.

  5. Jeeps are awesome. My friend has been driving jeeps for the last 3 years and they have been great for him. His new Jeep Liberty is super nice. It has heated seats which is a must for the winter weather here in Utah. I really think that he will stick to Jeep for a long time.

    Freddy Fields @ Jacky Jones Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram