Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I smell a new truck in my future. I am getting tired of the old daily ride, 01 Dakota. It sure has been a money maker or money saver, 190k on it. Dakota's fit me like a glove like they were designed for me.

The old girl has some electrical problems and showing her wear and tear. There is a little cancer around her fender wells. It still looks good for a nine year old truck that has seen too many fast lanes and farm lanes.

If you sit in the passenger seat, I have to raise and lower your window for you. I am adjusting the steering wheel all the time to keep the AC fan motor on high so you don't roast today. There is a bad wire in the steering wheel somewhere.

After I cashed my wheat check, I took a detour through a local Chrysler lot and there sat a new flex fueled crew cab 4WD and I got out to get my sticker shock, $31,000. Now I would be better off putting that on the 5 acres and 3 new barns for sale down the road but a guy has to have a good ride, right?

Chrysler wouldn't be my choice except for that one model. Their electrical parts stink. Where is Lee Iacocca when you need him? Old like me I guess but if it weren't for him they wouldn't even be around still.

The stock money is on Ford but they are still left handed to me. If I listened to Mike Rowe I would own one but I am a Chevy man at heart. Neither one make a Dakota.

If I would have started playing stocks when LuAnn did last year I could have enough in my fund to buy one cash outright. Ford won that battle.

Used makes so much more sense but good ones are needles in a haystack and I am running out of time to look for bargains. I just drive around doing my daily work and I run across them.

I hit enough websites last night I knew I would have email. Sure enough, the Internet department at Jeff Wyler had one sitting in my inbox early this morning. I knew it would come to this.

It's fun to dream a little in this day and age but I still smell that new truck smell.

Ed Winkle


  1. Ed, I'm the opposite. I like my old trucks more the longer I keep them. My old 81 Sierra Classic is running and sounding better than it did when I bought it used 24 years ago. I've spent a bit on it to get that way but still way less than the cost of replacing it. New trucks (and all machinery) have way too much electronic controls on them for my liking. I'll keep it simple as long as I can. Plus I'm helping out the environment by not buying a new vehicle considering all the metal and plastic that would be used in it. Thats my justification anyway. Good luck with your shopping.

  2. It's the only newer paint I could afford, Ralph, because everyone uses them. I have driven 100 miles or more to farms, farmers and meetings about every day this year. My ride needs to be dependable and affordable to own and operate. I know what you mean and the old Dakota hasn't let me down yet after nearly 200,000 miles but it has enough wear I am going to be left sitting somewhere unless I address the issue. I like the Silverado but for daily use the Dakota fits me like a glove and meets my needs.

  3. Agree Ed. The distances you travel you need something dependable. I don't take my old trucks very far from home so its not so much an issue. (Although they haven't failed me yet) An Uncle had a Dakota years ago. That little 318 put out some awesome horsepower but it had a weak transmission it seemed (automatic).

  4. Boss saw this and I got in trouble. Lost that new truck smell. Got to make a bigger farm payment, LOL.