Saturday, July 3, 2010


Yesterday was the picture perfect day. The weather was absolutely perfect with clear skies and warm sunshine. Everything I did seemed to go right with it.
My last field of double crop soybeans were popping through the ground and it is still moist under that blanket of wheat straw. I got the 170 acres of tofu soybeans for Japan sprayed. Everything is "laid by" except for the double crops if they are worth spraying in a few weeks from now. I sure hope they are.

Kenny came and I got him splitting and sawing wood for the winter. The wood was really still to wet to split, the rest will split much better this fall.

We loaded up a tank of spray mixture with Banvel, Ignite and glyphosate and sprayed my beautiful corn borders. They were wilted down already when we took Sable for ice cream.

I finished mowing around the old farmstead of the farm we bought and Kenny pulled soil samples on the field I plan to add to it next year. It hasn't been farmed in years. The white thistle flowers raised to the sky like cotton and I sneezed and wheezed. I hate weeds.

They took our beautiful garden, we just couldn't keep up. I got propane for the grill and steaks and burgers for Monday or whenever. That sweet corn will taste real good with them. You can tell when you are trying to do too much and weeds take your garden but the survivors will be tasty. The apple crop is huge and so are the tomatoes. The lettuce and peas are shot.

There is this most beautiful sun rise coming I wish you could see it. A camera would never do it justice. Hard to believe it is going to be 90 tomorrow when it is below 60 right now.

I didn't get enough sunblock on this week and my ears, face and arms are burned to a crisp. You would think an old dude would know better.
Let the fireworks begin.



  1. God bless you too, Gorges and all of you fine people!