Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free Breakfast For A Year!

"Ohio residents can register at to win one of two grand prizes of "Free Breakfast for a Year" at Bob Evans Restaurants. Visitors to the site will be guided through registration by an Ohio farmer, who will also explain how he or she produces safe, nutritious and affordable food. Consumers can register with each of seven farmers daily through the end of the program on Oct. 15.

"Ohio's farmers work hard every day to produce the food that feeds us," says David White, executive director for the Ohio Livestock Coalition. "Through this program, we hope Ohio consumers learn more about how the state's farmers provide safe, nutritious, affordable food, while caring for their animals, land, families and communities."In addition to guiding visitors through their registrations for "Free Breakfast for a Year," the website features beef, dairy, pork, lamb, soybean, egg, and turkey farmers from across the state sharing information about their farms and their families.

The site also features nutritious recipes and fun farm facts. "We take great pride in our company's heritage – founded by a farmer in southeastern Ohio – and we are proud to partner with Ohio's farmers to provide our customers with the opportunity to win 'Free Breakfast for a Year,'" says Mary Cusick, senior vice president of marketing, Bob Evans Farms. "Through this sweepstakes, we are helping our customers better understand where their food comes from and helping them meet the wonderful people who provide it – Ohio farmers."More information, complete rules and eligibility requirements for the sweepstakes can be found at"

How can you beat free breakfast for a year? That even beats my 50 cent breakfast so many of you nominated for my best blog! Kudo's to Bob Evan's Farms Restaurants for supporting this effort and Tim White and staff at Ohio Farmer for the great story and links.

Looks like we are headed to a local Bob Evan's for breakfast this weekend. Residents of Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Missouri can enter as this is Bob Evan's marketing area. You can meet a farm family in those states by clicking on that state on the entry form on the website.

Enter and learn more about farmers from those states!



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  2. Bob was a poor country boy who made it big but he never got the big head. I will always respect him for that.