Sunday, July 11, 2010


It's pretty obvious we like photography. The digital cameras and computers make it pretty easy to take good pictures.

LuAnn decided to enter some of the pictures in the Clinton County Fair. We got to go see them this evening. There were ribbons hanging on ours!

I was bummed we never won the new ag division but I never had time to really to a good job of sorting them. I should have done that last winter. It seems like we have been busy every spare moment this year.

It was really interesting to compare our pictures to the ones selected and not selected. Camera quality really shows on an eight by ten. I see why I miss the Nikon 8800 Coolpix now, it took great pictures. I am amazed the Sony Cybershot won some awards since it is really for email and Internet posting which it is great for.

I saw the Saville name and the farmer name Schneider on many pictures. LuAnn even beat some local professional photographers! Landscape is my favorite category and the black and whites just don't do much for me but I see the artistic element. Flowers and kids are very popular subjects as well as country landscapes.

We need to dedicate one hard drive to our pictures as they are taking over two computers. I take pictures every week in the summer and share them here and with other farmers around the globe. Farmers and consultants do a lot of crop analysis with pictures too but it is not as good as being there and getting all your questions answered.

Maybe LuAnn can enter the Greene and Highland County Fairs and we can compare some more.


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