Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot July

It looks like a scorcher this week with little relief in sight. How would you like to make your living with the 1953 New Idea baler in the picture? I miss the era of the 50's but not that much!

Farmers had a good display of old New Idea equipment at the Van Wert Farmers Old Fashioned Days at Van Wert. That is near Coldwater, the site of the old New Idea factory.

I have one farm with a few patches of giant ragweed I need to kill this week if possible. The ones I sprayed with my Banvel combination really look sick today.

Looks like we have went from saturated cool soil to baked off hard, hot ground in no time. That alone is stressful for plants. Lots of plants have little roots from trying to survive all that water in May and so they aren't doing too well in this heat. It feels like the dog days of summer in August and the cicadas and locusts are singing already, something I associate with the end of August.

This sure is a mixed up crazy year again. Everyone hoped that string was over but it isn't. The economy and weather just compounds a persons decision making process.

There is a lot going on this weekend. There are the pulls at Georgetown, a couple of auctions and the opening of our county fair. We entered the photograph competition this year so we already have over $100 invested in our fair.

I guess we are doing are little part in keeping the old fair tradition alive. So many fairs and festivals are struggling or don't exist anymore. It was good to see Blanchester have a good Bicentennial Fourth of July and associated events. I didn't get to see the tractor show though, I wonder who showed up?

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