Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday Rest

Yesterday we spent Sunday like you are supposed to. We took it easy and thanked the Lord. We spent the day more as a reflection of our hectic summer in this heat. It was a far cry from a few weeks ago when we shoveled out bins all day for shipment early Monday morning.

I went out every hour or so and moved the water hose from tree to tree. I am trying to keep our new apple trees alive and it is no easy job in the heat. Some years are easier to nurture new trees and this year was one of them until June.

I ought to fess up and show you the garden. We gave up on it. The weeds took it. I bush hogged the corn down yesterday after the coons and the weeds took their share. The green beans were pretty good but it got too hot for the cole crops. You had to be in your garden every spare moment this year when it didn't rain to have much of a garden. Since the first of June, you had to be there by dawn or you couldn't bear the heat.

I need to have it custom tilled or rent a big tiller, tear it up and plant some fall garden and the rest to tillage radishes to get ready for next year. I don't see getting that done in the next two weeks as every day is planned.

Mike Row of Dirtiest Jobs is speaking at the FFA Convention again this October. He has a new piece out on farmers and the HSUS repercussions and it is pretty good. It is several minutes long but a good listen. Basically, don't complain with your mouth full and the disparity between real labor jobs and the thinking, office type jobs, neither of which are there enough of in this country. Comments always appreciated and most of you never leave any which is discouraging to me. A handful of people keep me going, thank you guys.

Right now I have to go over my horticulture pictures and get ready to judge Clermont County in a few hours and dig into my fertilizer and spray records for tomorrow. Wednesday 42 farmers are showing up from Quebec to learn about our notill methods. Thankfully our fields look good enough to show and the farmstead is decent after getting ready for the Quilt Barn tour.

Did you see Undercover Boss last night? Rick Arquilla, the CEO of RotoRooter played Joe the Plumber undercover. It was quite touching. We need more stories like that in America!

Yesterday LuAnn put the shock color on Sable and was going to zap her when she chases my red truck down the road and she just sat there and never moved a muscle. Now tell me who is in control of that situation? That is a true LOL. The dog won!


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