Saturday, January 10, 2009

An Uneventful Day

Those are good, aren't they?

I heard the rain falling on the frozen ground this morning and remembered I never parked the last load of firewood inside. Ran outside to get it in and about got drenched in the few minutes I was out there.

Rain on frozen ground. Not good. Why couldn't it have come in August when the beans needed a drink?

LuAnn helped me finish my powerpoint for next week. Can't wait to see all those guys and ladies in Indianapolis. Seems like I have been thinking and working on it for months. No-till soybeans looks easy but it is no simple task raising really good yielding and profitable soybeans when the national yields have been declining or not keeping up with corn.

Ah, but life is good. We are empty nesters with all the kids married off and now raising their own families. Fortunately they are all close enough to visit but seems like we see them less more and more.

Did go get to visit with Liam, though. I love talking to that three year old. Oh, I love them all but that one reminds me of me and dad and my son Mark. Blond, skinny and smart as a tack, not saying any of us three set any world records.

An apple lover like dad and I, he would get out of the car and run to the apple trees the last two summers. Apples, apples everywhere he would say and run full speed for the trees. We would throw the bad ones into the field behind the house and say that's a bad one, this one we will keep and eat. Sometimes he would eat three before dinner, not a wise idea on my part.

You folks with children, take time and treasure them. You get so busy making a living you can forget about your kids. Farmers have the time and incentive to spend lots of time with their kids where others may not. I love it when I see guys talk about their kids on NewAgTalk or wherever. I just love kids. Guess that is why I stuck with teaching. Not the same but good if you like it.

Can't believe we have four grandkids and three more coming this summer. Wow! I feel blessed and privileged! Can't wait to see and hold those new ones. Makes me forget about this unpredictable economy and these crazy times.

Well won't be long 'til we end the day. The Ravens beat the Titans in a good game, hated to see either team lose. Tomorrow is God's day and we have a lot to be thankful for and some to offer up in prayer like so many have done for me.

Just makes you want to say Thanks!

Have a good Sabbath,

Ed Winkle

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