Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Farming on a snowy day

Yes, farmers farm on snowy days. It started snowing here this morning so it made me think what farmers are doing around the world today while it is snowing here in my little world.

I know some of you are out feeding and caring for livestock or sitting at a computer and working in your farm office like me or better yet enjoying some sunshine in a warm and sunny locale.

Today I am talking to my banker, landlords, suppliers and family and friends. Whether it is by email or by phone or in person, farming is family and business everyday for me. The Internet has greatly enhanced and expanded those chores for me.

The markets are making the 2009 farm budget look a little better today. Still we all wonder how it will turn out. Should I stay in rotation, plant more soybeans or plant more corn this year? Every signal affects how I will respond this year with my planted crop.

How are the markets and inputs affecting your crop plans this year? I would like to hear and read your response. What changes are you considering or actually making and why?

If you are not a farmer, how does what we do in farming affect your life? I understand if you are a normal everyday average person, you will never know how what I do affects your life. If you are a supplier or buyer, what farmers do has a whole could have great impact on you.

In only 90 days I hope to be ready to plant this years crop or very close to it. My goal is to have everything planted in the best shape I can by May 5. Mother Nature will have the last say in that just as she does today while I type this out.

Whatever you are doing, have a good one!

Ed Winkle

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